An Emotion-Driven Journey of Life Experiences through Alternative Rock- Delphi Ravens’ to Release Roaring New Record

Delphi Ravens

An Indie, Rock, and Alternative act that astounds audiences with its electric energy, Delphi Ravens is prepared to impress with its new upcoming EP

Central Point, OR — Delphi Ravens’ is an Indie Rock and Alternative act that is eager to leave a lasting impression with their passionate performance. Straddling several vibrant and soulful genres, the Delphi Ravens present a form of Progressive Rock that they have truly mastered.

The Rock n Roll geniuses previously struck gold with their much-acclaimed single, ‘How Wrong You Were’ – a track which manifests a bold and audacious attempt to strike back at a past lover. The single went on to garner 7777+ streams on Spotify alone and fortified the artist’s identity as a group to be reckoned with!

Led by the commanding and spellbinding performance of the group’s vocalist- Kira to a series of stellar instrumentals evoking a string of sentiments, Delphi Ravens are a standout group. Their viscerally appealing and compelling discography includes tracks like “Red to Black” and “Take My Hand” which present a hard-hitting record, laden with fresh hooks and energetic guitar tones.

Reminiscent of the likes of iconic genre-defining acts such as Fleetwood Mac, Delphi Ravens are looking forward to the release of their new EP on April 1st, 2023. An original record, their upcoming drop features music, and lyrics that have been penned by Stephen Andrew Burgess aka Papa B., and Kira Herdklotz-Yasutake.

“Our music is emotion driven- coming from our own life experiences. We explore anger, fears, disappointments, relationship breakups, substance abuse and its impact, animal cruelty, love, sadness from great loss, self-worth, disgust, and other themes,” say the artists regarding their music.

Taking audiences on a journey of different emotions, different tempos, and different styles, the Rock powerhouse continues to move listeners with each track. The artists have already put out 14 songs in the last 2.5 years and are in the process of releasing more new music, with their first full album planned for release in late 2023/early 2024.

Stream, buy, and download Delphi Ravens’ new music on your favorite music streaming platform! Follow the artists on social media and feel free to contact them for interviews and reviews or to play their music (radio).



The Delphi Ravens are a dynamic indie/alternative rock band hailing from the Pacific Northwest, blending various musical genres to create a unique and captivating sound. Founded in 2019 by ASCAP songwriter Papa B, the band features the powerful vocals of Kira, who also contributes to the songwriting process. Drawing comparisons to artists like Deftones, Evanescence, Fleetwood Mac, and Foo Fighters, the band prides itself on being a blend of diverse and delicious musical flavors. In 2022, the band’s music was recognized with four songwriting awards and landed several chart positions, including a Top 20 spot for 34 weeks. The Delphi Ravens aim to continue refining their songwriting skills and spreading positive vibes to their audiences and listeners through their music.


Delphi Ravens
Name: Papa B. – Founder, co-songwriter, bassist, producer
Phone: 9492282892



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