An Authentic Sound and an Honest Story to Tell- Betty Roots Presents Unique New Single “Black Betty”

Betty Roots

A heartfelt Nashville-produced country single, “Black Betty” is the newest offering from the rising Norwegian Country girl- Betty Roots

Oslo, Norway — July 10th, 2023 – A growing and promising artist- Betty Roots is gearing up for the release of her latest single, “Black Betty.” Produced in Nashville by acclaimed producer Daniel Ford, this empowering and authentic track features Betty’s captivating vocals, accompanied by Sigurd Aas from Norway.

Having released for listeners on June 28, 2023, “Black Betty” combines modern country sounds with elements of Norwegian violin, folk songs, and the dobro, creating a unique musical blend.

Having recently triumphed in a national country competition, Betty Roots continues her pursuit, establishing herself as a rising star in the genre. Collaborating with the award-winning producer Daniel Ford in Nashville has further elevated her artistry and ensured a top-notch production.

The talented artist draws inspiration from real-life stories of people who overcome struggles, infusing her music with heartfelt emotions and a healing touch. With a firm belief in the universal appeal of her songs, she aspires to share her music with the world and make a lasting impact.

The skilled Country artist, Betty Roots has ambitious plans to travel and perform at country festivals across Europe and America, reaching diverse audiences with her captivating melodies and sincere lyrics.

The artist’s profound inspiration and goal lies in guiding others through the overpowering challenges of being human. Roots finds immense joy in witnessing friends and those around her seize the moments in their lives and live to the fullest.

Using her music as a conduit, she emphasizes the importance of revealing our true selves, rather than conforming solely to societal expectations.

Visit Betty Roots on Facebook and YouTube to check out her scintillating new music, and follow the artist on social media for updates on new music, and reach out through email for interviews, reviews, bookings to events around the world, and/or collaborations.




Betty Roots is the name behind a gifted Norwegian country singer-songwriter who has been gracing the stage since the tender age of 10. Roots was always mesmerized and stunned by the timeless ability of country music, persevering across eras and empowering voices.


However, it was only during her mid-thirties that she grappled her past ghosts and self-actualized a passion for composing her own original lyrics and music.

Inspired by the spellbinding value of music, Roots wholeheartedly believes that by following the path and listening to the inner voice that leads us away from the safety of our comfort zones, we can step into an authentic life that everyone desires but hesitates to embrace. A strong proponent of opening ourselves to our loved ones and those around us, Betty Roots believes that honesty and authenticity has transformative healing properties.

Apart from her music, Betty is also a firm believer in playing one’s part in uplifting local communities and creating a better world to inhabit for everyone.


Betty Roots
Name: Betty Roots
Phone: +4797079477



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