An 80’s Inspired Jazzy, Smooth, and Uplifting Blues and Rock n Roll Blend – Ericka Siyo Inspires with New Single

Ericka Siyo

On the bridge between Folk, Country, and classic Rock n Roll, Ericka Siyo’s newest release captivates audiences with its melodic allure

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom —June 14th, 2023 – Having recently unveiled her soul-stirring French Blues track, “J’ai tenté,” budding French blues artist, Ericka Siyo, captivates listeners and invites her on a journey of striking and smooth melodies.

“J’ai tenté,” which released on June 7th, 2023, through Radio Jango provides a memorable outlook and a transcendental experience which aims to go beyond existing language barriers.With Ericka’s evocative lyrics and soulful vocals, the profound and passionate release is a voyage for people from all walks of life into the enriching tapestry of her stunning French masterpiece.

As the creative force behind the captivating composition, Ericka Siyo infuses her music with a sense of upliftment and emotional resonance. “J’ai tenté” is a track that promises to strike down all walls and make audiences open up to the artist’s magnetizing appeal.

Ericka Siyo’s musical voyage draws inspiration from the 80s Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues, Folk, and Country, and is a manifestation of her new artistic adventure as a prolific French-English lyricist. Led by the vision to forge a path that celebrates the rich heritage of blues while infusing it with her unique blend of musical influences, Ericka Siyo aims to create a positive and transformative experience for both musicians and listeners alike.

“J’ai tenté” is inspired by one of the artist’s poems, which are included in her book- “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark”- a shining example of her ability to weave poignant storytelling into her music, enveloping audiences with an emotional narrative.

Aspiring to be heard and to generate a dedicated fan base, Ericka hopes that her music provides a crucial conduit for emotional connection and a medium of solace, love, and fulfilment for all hearts and minds who experience it. Ericka’s newest single is also accompanied by an English rendition, aptly titled- “I’ve Tried.”

Experience Ericka Siyo’s soulful and profound musical compositions on Jango Radio! Engage with the artist’s craft, and spread the word regarding a powerhouse who is here to stay!



Cynthia Fenyi, also known by her pen name Ericka Siyo, is a French poet, singer-songwriter, and artist who is engaging listeners with her passionate craft. Hailing from the UK, where she has resided for over 18 years, Ericka’s life is a celebration of the beauty of words, languages, and music.With a passion for creating meaningful lyrics, she aspires to become a bilingual lyricist, infusing her compositions with the nuances of both French and English.

Ericka’s music is driven by a desire to inspire and uplift her listeners, leaving a lasting impact on their hearts. As a newcomer to the music industry, she embraces the challenges ahead and approaches her artistic journey with humility and a search for knowledge. With a genuine commitment to her craft and a focus on continuous growth, Ericka Siyo invites audiences to join her on a transformative and inspirational musical odyssey.

She invites her audience to contact her if they desire a wedding, anniversary, birthday, holiday gift song from which she will write the lyrics and the music. She leaves the melody creation and singing to her fellow listeners to make the song their gift to their loved ones.


Ericka Siyo
Name: Ericka Siyo



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