Alluring Listeners with Soulful and Melodic Pop Music – Colin Cooper Delivers His Best with Two Original New Albums

Colin Cooper

“Old Folk’s Hill” and “Wild Rose” feature soft, harmonious rhythms and songwriting that captures a mellow blend of themes

Bingley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom — September 5th, 2022 – A seasoned singer-songwriter who brings a wave of unique energy and talent to the world of Pop, Colin Cooper is driven to captivate audiences through his music. With his intimate, appealing, and poignant musical compositions, the prolific artist showcases a distinct, mellow, and passionate character.

With records such as “Old Folk’s Hill” and “Wild Rose,” Colin Cooper’s music makes use of compelling rhythms and tunes, putting the artist’s eclectic tastes on display. Produced with guitar and keyboard on his own computer, both albums are a testament to the artist’s dynamism, experience, and skills that he wishes to share with the rest of the world.

However, more than simply charming melodies and tunes, Colin Cooper’s singles included in his album, ‘Old Folk’s Hill,” feature stirring, heartfelt lyricism. Touching upon a range of emotions, the artist’s music exudes an inviting, rich, and absorbing appeal.

A powerhouse of talent, Colin Cooper, dropped his album, ‘Wild Rose’ on August 6th, 2021. The album displays a stunning mix of 15 tracks, with instrumentals that will have anyone fall in love with the artist’s creativity and tuneful blends. From “one lace” to “a horse’s tale,” “popsickles,” “les mers,” “new cross,” and others, the album represents an enriching and melodious record for every fan of the genre.

“I try to create tuneful music that draws people in. I’ll keep going on with the hope that someone likes it enough to buy it and supplement my pension!” says the skilled artist regarding his music and aspirations.

Stream Colin Cooper’s original albums, “Old Folk’s Hill” and “Wild Rose,” on Bandcamp and lose yourself in his fascinating world of Pop music. Follow the artist and keep an eye out for updates on upcoming music! For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to reach out to the artist through his email.



Colin Cooper is a brilliant 68-year-old singer-songwriter who continues to deliver passionate, moving and immersive musical compositions. Making his mark in the Pop world with his characteristic songwriting style and profound, whole-hearted songwriting, Cooper hopes to rejuvenate the musical arena with his presence.

Having played in a band as a young man, Colin Cooper marked his return to making music with his new tracks after pursuing a career as a translator for several years.


Colin Cooper
Name: Colin Cooper
Address: Bingley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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