All of the Sudden the Rapper Svizzo Brimston Pops Up From Nowhere Releasing Songs from His Album ‘’Beyond Human Knowledge’’

All of the Sudden the Rapper Svizzo Brimston Pops Up From Nowhere Releasing Songs from His Album ‘’Beyond Human Knowledge’’


South Africa — October 16, 2017 — It is funny how hip hop/rap music survives and live, from nowhere Svizzo is releasing songs from his new album. This is a 2017 album called Beyond Human Knowledge.

It seems other continents are well covered with enough artists representing but this one is from deep Africa, almost unknown place to the world. This is like life on another planet, missionary and there is life in it which will bring balance to the force of hip hop in the entertainment universe. These songs are available in music stores such as iTunes, Spotify and will be available in many more starting from now.

Svizzo believes this is bigger than just music but its knowledge/experience and fun to occupy the human race in this lifetime. Those who have listened to some of the songs agree that it’s outstanding, legendary and iconic. Since it is coming out the people will witness for themselves how raw hip hop discovers itself and continue to positively impact in everyday life.

Leading Songs like Play, Right and Wrong are already in stores. Since this is the first time Svizzo is reaching out to the world, it is his strategy not to flood the market so he is just taking it easy and slow. This will also help him to understand well how it works.

Basicly this month of October, 2017 is a big deal to Svizzo Brimston. he is working with ArtistPR to let every hip hop lover and everybody else to know and be able to get his songs as he releases them.

Listen to Svizzo’s songs on Jango free radio, sound cloud or buy by following this link;


Svizzo Brimston is a hard core rapper born in Malawi, 1990. He started recording freestyles on tape in 2008 and has three mix tapes and a 2017 album “Beyond Human Knowledge”. Here is the link to some of the songs;

Svizzo Brimston
Blessor Ziba
[email protected]
[email protected]
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Rapper and Writer,  born 12 june,1990.  Since 2008 been holding it down as an underground rapper, running a secret movement… ...Read More

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