All-American Country Artist Ryan Weaver Rocks It With His New Single “New Set of Tires.”


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 615-516-2999 Email: City: Nashville State: TN   Ryan Weaver, an All-American rockin’ country music artist in Nashville, TN has a powerhouse follow up to his debut single ‘Crank It’ called ‘New Set of Tires.’ This time he brings heavy hitting Country Music Hall of Fame songwriters Jeffrey Steele and Bob Dipiero to the plate with a high energy, fun filled song about a woman buying a new set of tires for her car and drawing a little attention from her significant other.  The song takes on a manly mechanic perspective toward the underlying meaning of a woman purchasing a new set of tires, and its solid melody will get your toes tapping. With Dale Earhardt Jr as the “secret desire” and cleverly crafted lyrics, this song spins a story worthy of a few smiles and a rockin good time. Ryan’s first single ‘Crank It,’ is climbing up the Music Row charts and the video has spent a great deal of time on the national television scene with ZUUS Country and The Heartland Network, formerly TNN.  The video, which includes a guest appearance by former Motley Crue lead singer John Corabi and country music’s most famous kid, Drake Dixon (known from his appearance in Randy Houser’s ‘Boots On’ music video), shows Weaver’s lighter side by mixing an upbeat, high energy original song co-written by Ryan with the ‘Shallow Hal’ movie concept.  After watching the video, you are sure to be an instant fan of Ryan’s music and personality. ‘New Set of Tires’ and ‘Crank It’ are from Weaver’s upcoming album, which includes four songs from legendary Nashville songwriter and producer Jeffrey Steele, who has been acting as Weaver’s mentor. “Ryan’s got a story to tell, a mission to accomplish and a passion for his music that can’t be denied,” Steele says. “And won’t be.” To understand Ryan Weaver and his passion for music, you need to hear his unique story: Ryan Weaver’s life is an example of how an individual’s dedication, discipline, focus and perseverance can help them achieve greatness in the face of adversity. Ryan was adopted at 10 months old by the Weaver family along with his older brother Aaron. He grew up living all over the state of Florida, one of eight siblings. Weaver’s two older brothers Steve and Aaron joined the military and attended flight school. When his time came, Ryan followed in their footsteps. After a bright enlisted career as a Military Intelligence Analyst, Ryan also attended flight school.  The three Weaver boys were now three Army Warrant Officers and United States Army helicopter pilots. Ryan graduated at the top of his class in flight school, becoming a Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot, and soon found himself deployed to Baghdad International Airport in Iraq. Aaron, who was deployed just west of Ryan in Fallujia, was able to visit with him on a couple of occasions.  The last time Ryan saw Aaron in Iraq was on January 4th, 2004. Ryan’s brother Aaron died on January 8th, 2004 when the Medivac Black Hawk helicopter he was a passenger in was shot down by enemy fire. Ryan certainly understood mortality and the risks of combat, after all, Aaron had survived the bloody 1993 battle in Mogadishu, Somalia that became the basis for the movie, Black Hawk Down. When Aaron died, however, something changed for Ryan Weaver. He returned from combat and took a position training the next generation of Army aviators and officers at Fort Rucker, Alabama, and has not piloted a Black Hawk since that fateful day. In a twist of fate, Ryan’s sister Ashley married one of Ryan’s former students, Randy Billings. Ten years after the last day Ryan saw Aaron alive in Iraq on January 4th 2014, Ryan’s brother-in-law, Randy, was laid to rest one row back from Aaron in a Florida National Cemetery.  He was killed in action in Afghanistan on December 17th 2013 when the Blackhawk helicopter he was piloting was shot down by an enemy ground detonated explosive device.  This was yet another striking reminder to Ryan about the importance of living each day to the fullest. Ryan uses those losses to fuel his desire to accomplish his dreams. There are not many more true emulations of what country music is about, nor the same intense drive and discipline in most any person you meet. “After coming back from combat where we lived life daily not knowing if it would be our last, losing my brother then losing my brother-in-law, I’ve experienced first hand how important it is to never pass on an opportunity to make an impact on this world.  My dreams aren’t just to become a successful country music artist, but to make a lasting impact with my music,” Ryan says. This impact is felt strongly in Weaver’s live performances, which are full tilt from beginning to end.  He takes his audiences through a wide range of emotions with high quality original songs and story telling.  Years of experience on stage are evident in his unique ability to connect with the crowd.  “I have a great time performing, and I am more comfortable on stage than most anywhere.  The fun I have has been infectious with the crowd, and getting them to know the real me is extremely important. I’m a normal guy who has been given the opportunity to express myself through music. What an amazing gift it is!” He exclaims. “Being an example of what it means to come from humble beginnings, live a life like I have and become something special by chasing my dreams is what I feel being All-American is.  I haven’t taken the normal path to becoming a country music artist, but I love the path I’ve taken,” Weaver explains.  “This country is the greatest country in the world, because you are free to chase your dreams no matter where you came from.  With hard work, dedication, support from family, friends and fans and a little God given talent, you can accomplish anything.” ‘New Set of Tires’ and ‘Crank It’ are now available on both iTunes, Amazon and multiple other online stores.  You can find these two songs along with some of Ryan’s other recordings on his website at and on his Reverbnation page at


Ryan is an All-American country/rock artist that served as an active duty soldier in Iraq. During his tenure overseas, he… ...Read More

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