Alabama-based rap artist/producer “WoozyWhiteboy” has everything it takes to ultimately become one of the next heavy hitters of southern rap music!!


Huntsville, AlabamaAlabama-based rap artist/producer “WoozyWhiteboy” just may be the next heavy hitter of Southern Rap Music!

WoozyWhiteboy also known as Cadillac Troy is making a name for himself in the underground rap scene down south. He released his first album in 2018 and just released his 6th album in 2023. His work ethic and drive to keep releasing quality music consistently are absolutely incredible. He writes, records, and produces all of his music. All around WoozyWhiteboy’s musical skills are “grade A” and he is probably one of the “most slept-on rap artists” in over a decade.

“Consistency is key and knowledge is power”

“Music has always been WoozyWhiteboy’s passion, and he always ensures that he delivers deeply relatable music that paints his own struggles and triumphs in life in a way that can resonate with everyone who gets the chance to listen to his art.”

“His rhymes are characterized by the streets where he grew up; all the struggles that he faced and how he had to grind hard day and night so as to keep up with the fast evolution of the language”

WoozyWhiteboy is a true musician whether he is producing his own beats, writing and recording his own lyrics, mixing and mastering his finished tracks, creating promo flyers and Album covers as well as doing all of his networking and marketing. A real “Jack of all trades” or as WoozyWhiteboy would put it “A one-man army.”





Troy Hall also known as “WoozyWhiteboy” is a rap artist/music producer from Huntsville, Alabama. He has been a rapper since 2018, and a producer since 2021. As a kid, WoozyWhiteboy was always getting into trouble to the point where adults and other kids labeled him a “problem child” His troubled ways followed him into high school, and by the time he reached the 10th grade he dropped out and fell head first into the streets where he started doing home invasions and robberies to earn money.

He got passed the “stick up kid” ways and started selling drugs instead because it was less of a risk and better money until he got arrested and charged with Drug Trafficking. By the time WoozyWhiteboy hit age 25, he was homeless and had been arrested on many occasions due to street life.

In his late 20’s he changed his problematic ways and started putting the same hustle and drive as he did in the streets selling drugs toward his music career. He went from selling crack and weed to writing raps and making beats. “Music changed my life for the better.

If I would have kept doing what I was doing in the streets, I never would have made it to see age 30. I use all the struggles from my troubled past as motivation to keep grinding with my music. When I sit down to write a song or make an instrumental it’s like nothing in the universe matters at that moment in time. My whole world comes to a standstill until I’m finished with whatever project I’m working on.” says WoozyWhiteboy.


Name: WoozyWhiteboy
Address: 3402 Panorama Dr., Huntsville, Alabama
Phone: N/A



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