After 40 Years of Wandering in the Desert, This Man’s Music Makes It Out Alive


Grand Haven, MichiganIf 1 Corinthians 1:27 applies to anyone, it certainly applies to Ian, at least in regard to music: “But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty. Like prophets, God knows his servants even before they are formed in the womb.” The LORD blessed Ian with the abilities to write lyrics and create unique melodies. He also led Ian to certain individuals to help bring his songs to life. 

What do anyone get when someone take a man who has a poor sense of rhythm, is baffled by music theory, plays an instrument as if he has all thumbs, and can carry a tune in a bucket; albeit the bucket has a few holes in it? Well, all would get some very terrible songs indeed.  

But now take that same man and add a great love of music, a talent for writing lyrics and coming up with original melodies, professional musicians and recording engineers and, most important, the Holy Spirit, and end up with about 68 incredibly unique and engaging songs. These songs are now available through Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, and many other platforms.

Ian have a three-song challenge for everyone: Give “Cold Air in the Room,” “I Haven’t Been Outside in a While,” and “Someone Named Jesus,” a listen (Can find on Spotify, et al). Ian believe all will be pleasantly surprised. However, if anybody still not won over, try “Little Ol’ Me” and see if that tilts the scale one way or the other. Even though that song was sung by someone else (Dave Smith), Ian wrote the music and lyrics for it. Ian would venture to say that all will end up convinced that they have “earned their wings” as a gifted songwriter. 

In addition to his songs about his love for Jesus, everyone will find tunes about his relationships with other people -and in one case, his cat, Lulu (“Only Heaven Sent”)- that also include his faith in God. It is Ian’s relationship with God that fosters and intensifies his love for the people, pets, places, and events of his life, which become the subjects of many of his songs.

Anyone will also find that Ian’s “secular” songs have a certain charm and originality to them. Check out his fictitious song about an aging father determined to play one last game of golf with his sons (“If It’s the Last Thing You Do); the fun of taking a bike ride (“My Bike”); and the 1930’s jazz-sounding,”I Will Love You as My Own,” among many other gems.

The variety of songs within the 68 tracks recently released by Ian will keep listeners intrigued from song to song. Further, the songs he wrote that others sang, such as “Little Ol Me,” “Pretty,” “Tears of Restoration,” and others demonstrate that he can write great songs, no matter who sings them. In fact, “Tears of Restoration” was sung so beautifully by Lori Stegner that it will give chills; and Thurman “Tee” Turner put such soul into his vocal performance of “Pretty” that it has that “instant classic” vibe to it. Last, but not least, Dave Smith’s rending of “Little Ol Me” is nothing short of stunning.

If anyone is on the hunt for some genuinely new and different music, just listening to a handful of Ian’s songs will convince that each have found a treasure trove of just that. Happy listening!




Ian has turned his lifelong love of music and talent for writing lyrics into a collection of songs with original melodies and poetic lyrics. Many times, his lack of musical knowledge actually turned out to be a blessing. Ian would write songs, not with knowing proper chord progressions, but basically by just how they sounded. If they sounded good to him, then that’s how the song would be. More than once, the musician/engineer had commented on a demo Ian sent to him, saying something like, “That’s a strange chord you got in there,” and would suggest using a different one. Sometimes Ian took the advice, other times he didn’t and ended up with a very unique, original song as a result. In fact, close to 100 unique, original songs!

Find out for yourself:



Name: Ian S, Tschirhart
Address: 1622 Franklin Avenue, Grand Haven, Michigan
Phone: 2485549864



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