Act Like I Don’t Know Ya


Contact: Norman Thomas
Phone: 2704548639

HENDERSON, KENTUCKY – Norman Darnell “Kiddnorms” Thomas (born January 18, 1994) American rapper, singer, and producer, born and raised in the small town of Henderson, Ky, has been working with music since he was 8 years old. He began this wondrous journey with his cousin one day when we was using the sound recorder on his computer and making beats on the table – rapping to them and it the rest is history. He began the recording process shortly after. He had turned a shed in his backyard into a little studio and composed all his great music from there. He experimented, invented and created many sounds and loops that would reflect his own personality and the music he would eventually publish.
Kiddnorms is happy to announce the release of his single “Act Like I Don’t Know Ya. This song has a real catchy beat, cool hooks and catchy verses. You’ll find yourself singing this song for no reason at all – it’s that addicting. It is upbeat and an all round great pop tune. I wouldn’t even call it hip hop. This song is a cross over song that is relatable to every generation. If this is a clue as to what may be coming, then keep developing more of the same! I can’t wait to hear more.
“Act Like I Don’t Know Ya is available on most digital storefronts including, but limited to:
Kiddnorms has performed at various venues and may be coming to a town near you!