Abuvv’s Press Release

Contact: jaylyn
Phone: 19176983179
Email: kingjaylyn@icloud.com

HEMPSTEAD, NY – Abuvv (Jaylyn) is a recording artist, songwriter and audio engineer from New York, New York. He is also the President of Point Blank, The Delegation LLC. Abuvv is an innovative artist who is willing to break the mold of conventional hip-hop.

Abuvv’s 2006 release of “More Heart Than Street” was a local hit selling over eight thousand copies that year. It was released under RKD entertainment and thus began his recording career.
Abuvv is scheduled to release his first album titled, “Left Field Influence” in the summer of 2013. This project includes a diverse range of producers and artists from the metro area and a uptempo, but laid back sound that should appeal to listeners of popular music. Singles like “Warp-Speed” displays the innovative phrases and wordplay he is capable of while setting a unique mood on a track. “Life Don’t Stop” which is the lead single on the album fuses the sounds of R&B and Hip-Hop showing the diversity of the project. Abuvv currently has risen up into the top 15 locally on Reverbnation and placed in the top 100 nationally.

Abuvv mentions that absorbing his environment, the people he surrounds himself with, what they are saying, wearing and doing, contributes to his appeal from mainstream and underground listeners. This brand of music he calls “Left-Field” is the spatial atmosphere in his style, and the combination/blend of genres such as dub-step, dance, pop, hip-hop and R&B. His open-minded approach and eclectic personality engages a diverse variety of listeners to take notice to the messages he conveys. Like all the timeless artists of our generation, Abuvv’s distinct voice and melodic sound standout most when one is listening. He persuades the listener to vividly imagine his words and to view things through his perspective. This is one of the major aspects of Jaylyn as an artist and it is a skill he has already harnessed at a young age. The play on words and the abstract metaphors have listeners on edge.

Abuvv grew up going to private schools most of his life during his childhood years. He was always exposed to diverse groups of people as which has contributed to his ability to communicate and connect with eccentric people and all kinds of music. “As a kid I knew I had a big personality, a colorful one, that would allow me to do things my peers could not. I took on that challenge knowing this would gain the right kind of attention and made people look at me in a different light regardless of my age. I was pretty much known for motivating people with my talents and being able to bring the best out of others.” Abuvv played a variety of sports, but ended up settling for basketball. Basketball allowed him to travel the world at a young age and experience the different kinds of music other people liked. Abuvv believed in being a student of life and what took place before him was important, especially in music. “I grew up listening to everything, I sung, wrote , spoken word, rap , made beats so it was important to listen to all genres of music. Classical, Baroque, 50 & 60’s Jazz and Rock played a big role in my music make up.” Prior to college Abuvv was signed to an independent record Label called RKD , where under the tutelage of Michael Worthy and other mature, seasoned artists, Abuvv became who he is today. Following that stint with RKD, he and his brother Michael formed a LLC company called PointBlank, The Delegation to promote their music independently.

Abuvv’s summer release of “Left Field Influence” is expected to open the door for Hip-Hop to take on more of a role in popular music in areas it was not widely accepted in before. He’s expanding his catalogue and working with many artists in the US and Europe, always continuing to develop his sound. As a young artist and businessman, Abuvv believes he has surrounded himself with the right group of people this time to make his mark in the music industry. The sky is the limit for ABUVV