A young artist reaches success by adding one element to his life.


Wellington, Florida, United States — November 20, 2017 — Tay Drummond learns to master the art of music using patience. Tay Drummond quickly finds out that more patience, equals more value.

Tay Drummond is taking Florida by storm and you do not want to be the last to hear. Tay Drummond created a masterpiece titled +Patience. In the middle of November +Patience will be released on all major platforms.

“I named the project ‘+Patience’ because he learned that in life all you have to do is add a little patience. By adding that patience anything you want to do will increase the value”.

Tay Drummond masters an element in life, which results in success. Tay Drummond becomes a better man and a better artist just by understanding patience. That patience is what inspired Tay Drummond to name the project ‘+Patience’. In this project you will receive storytelling, punchlines, bars, and wordplay in a melodic rap style.

Enough, go see why everyone is falling in love with Tay Drummond.


Tay Drummond is an artist that grew up in the Midwest. Tay moved to West Palm Beach, Florida to take off with his music. Tay has a melodic rap style that is complimented with 808 kick patterns and catchy because of his harmonies.

Tay Drummond
Tay Drummond
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