A trip through the “City of Wonders”


Contact: Moises Jimenez
Phone: 305-790-6604
Email: offorbitmusic@gmail.com

MIAMI, FL – A musical comet traveling from the galaxy of vintage psychedelic blues rock n’ roll into the present age of alternative and experimental music…

Off Orbit is a Rock*Blues*Psychedelic* band from Miami, FL. Considered to be an up and coming band, Off Orbit’s has been gaining recognition from independent media in the last few months. From staying in the “Trending Band” section of Reverbnation and getting good reviews from bloggers like the IndieBandGuru, IMA and IndieBandBlog, to kind and flattering words from the legendary producer Stuart Epps as well as frequent radio play on Jango Radio and several stations on Live365 and Shoutcast.

The sound of Off Orbit can be best described as Groovy, Bluesy Psychedelic Rock n Roll. Following the release of their debut EP titled “City of Wonders” Off Orbit continues to share the music with a growing audience through facebook, twitter and other social media sites, as well as, radio. “Vice City” is the first single released by the quintet. It is a song that features bluesy guitar riffs, and upbeat tempo and soulful rock n roll vocals. “Pretty Little Things” is a mix of funk and rock n roll that Mr.Epps described as “groovy” and “psychedelic”.
Moises Jimenez- Bass/Keys/Vocals, Marcos Jimenez- Guitar, Jonathan Colorado- Drums, Angel Cerdeiras- Percussion