A Soul-Stirring Musical Record- Chris Q. Jones Touches Hearts, Minds, and Souls with ‘Retro Visions’

Chris Q. Jones

With his powerful and striking new album, ‘Retro Visions,’ Devon-based artist offers a genre-bending musical journey

Barnstaple, Devon, United Kingdom —On the crossroads of old-school rhythms to contemporary lyrical style, Chris Q. Jones’ immersive new album truly has no counterparts. Titled, ‘Retro Visons,’ the soul-stirring and emotion-fueled record is arguably the best work put forward by Chris.

Streaming on all official music streaming platforms, ‘Retro Visions’ first released for audiences last year, absorbing audiences in its enigmatic appeal. As the album continued to amass several streams across the web, Chris decided to let the word out, and make sure his art reaches as many people as possible.

A vivid and electric portrait of several varied styles, Chris Q. Jones’ newest drop oscillates between Rock and Country and Latin style, spread across all tracks. The album’s journey began when Chris first wrote the album’s titular track, “Retro Visions,” while he was in Paris and getting onto a metro. Many of the other singles on the album were also written while the artist, taken with a strong case of wanderlust, was travelling.

“I feel I am too old to be famous as most of the young writers will get more radio plays than the older styles of writers. I write a lot while I am travelling, I  wrote most the the album while I was out there travelling and observing other people.

The only song that I wrote  locally on the album was “Where’s the fest?”says Chris regarding his music and career.

With a memorable and imposing record already released, Chris Q. Jones is all set for the way forward. ‘Retro Visions’ is sure to amaze and thrill audiences with the artist’s characteristic brilliance and genre-bending approach.

Stream and buy ‘Retro Visions’- Chris Q. Jones’ stunning new album and reach out to the artist for opportunities regarding reviews, interviews, and other queries!



Chris Q. Jones is a singer-songwriter who is based in Devon, UK but  is  originally from London .He has been crafting music for a long time. He’s always enjoyed writing, but it wasn’t until recently that he decided to take it more seriously, as he began receiving positive feedback on his work. His track “When Georgia Lets Her Hair Down,” from the album Retro Visions, gained popularity after being played frequently on the web in Nashville.

Despite his success, Chris doesn’t go around proclaiming his status as a writer or musician, preferring to keep a low profile. He’s written tracks like “Shangri-la Bar” for Shangri-la hospitality and “Let Me Be Your Guide” for Addison Lee, but they weren’t used.

Chris is a slow writer who takes his time with each song, as he can’t just churn them out in 10 minutes. Most of the album was recorded in Bristol, UK, and he’s currently working on another album for Window of the World Music group. With his dedication to his craft, Chris Q. Jones is sure to continue producing amazing music for years to come.

“You are never a prophet in your own town, so I don’t go around telling people I am a writer or even in the music business,” affirms the artist.


Chris Q. Jones
Name: Chris Q. Jones
Email: duangdaouk@yahoo.co.uk
Phone: 4407553146050


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/duangdaouk
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWd3Z5EhAnuoeJZvK6cn8Pw

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