A Refreshing and Riveting New Album from a Rising Artist- yflb_mckree Unveils Intriguing New Record


An exciting 12-track album, yflb_mckree’s newest release is all set to become his best work yet, covering the vast canvas of human emotions

Savannah, Georgia —A dynamic presence in the world of Hip Hop, yflb_mckree’s upcoming release features the groovy beats and magnetic rhythms of a skilled contemporary artist. The stunning new album is set to drop on September 30th, 2023, and will be preceded by an enticing single releasing just days before on September 26th.

yflb_mckree is all set to make waves in the music scene with a enriching collection of singles. The upcoming 12-track album, written and recorded by the artist himself, showcases yflb_mckree’s versatility and charisma.

Collaborating with various producers and engineers, the artist has crafted a collection of songs that promise a rollercoaster of emotions, from ‘happiness to hype, sadness to love.’ Adding his own layered and immersive style to Hip Hop, the artist is carving a distinctive niche.

With memorable vocals and lyricism brimming with authenticity, the seasoned singer-songwriter narrates compelling stories which he shares through his lyrics. For yflb_mckree, making music is an art and a passion.

Every song on the new album holds significant meaning, reflecting his dedication to the craft. While he draws inspiration from a wide range of artists, yflb_mckree remains determined to carve his own path and avoid sounding like anyone else.

The talented artist’s commitment to developing distinct flows and sounds is evident in every track. Unlike contemporary artists solely driven by financial gain, yflb_mckree’s primary motivation is to connect with his audience.

Inspired by the belief that his music can touch lives and make a positive impact, yflb_mckree expresses a genuine love for the art form that moves him to share his contemplations with the world.

With a selection of standout tracks on the upcoming album, fans can look forward to grooving to hits like “Marnuto Kree,” “Forever Lonely,” “Krees A,” and “Krees Story 1.” The captivating singles each showcase yflb_mckree’s knack for crafting memorable tunes that resonate with listeners on a deep level.

Stream, buy, and experience yflb_mckree’s upcoming album on Spotify, Soundcloud, and other official music streaming platforms! Stay updated on yflb_mckree’s journey and get a taste of his unique Hip Hop style by following him on TikTok @yflbkree. For exclusive content, inquiries, interviews, and more, visit the artist’s official website at mckreesplatform.com!



Michael McCree, also known as yflb_mckree, is a skilled and talented artist with a passion for Hip Hop. Despite currently juggling three jobs, Michael is pursuing his dreams of making music as well as becoming a successful graphic designer.

Michael’s love for music dates back to his childhood, where he secretly wrote songs that only his parents knew about. Currently, the artist is ready to share his art with the world, with the hope that his music will resonate with and inspire others.

With his characteristic style and commitment to authenticity, yflb_mckree is looking forward to make a lasting impact in the music industry.


Name: yflb_mckree
Email: flb.mc.kree@gmail.com


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yflb_mckree
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@yflbkreetv2717?si=aWpRaIrz7MFlO1UW
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artisthttps://open.spotify.com/artist/4Z1gh2c5o8AARtsda1lKwB?si=h3CJlJr3S4ullXoM-ZCzng/4Z1gh2c5o8AARtsda1lKwB
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/michael-mccree-891686419

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