A Pulsating and Formidable Rock and Heavy Metal Band – ninefifteen Captivate Audiences with Timeless Music

BAND ninefifteen   published by :  ninefifteen publishing BMI

Crafting a soundscape that is both contemporary and classic, ninefifteen’s music reflects a rich, striking, and magnetizing mix of rhythms

middeltown, ohio —ninefifteen, a heavy metal trio hailing from Middletown, Ohio, embarked on their musical journey with a vision to infuse vigor and emotion into their sound. The band, comprises of Marcello Vierra on vocals, John Hutton handling guitar and bass, and Nick Bailes commanding the drums, wields their instruments as tools of sonic expression.

A 12-track record, ‘4560’ is ninefifteen’s portrayal of an enriching collaborative approach to songwriting, which has been the bedrock of their creative process. Layer by layer, idea by idea, they weave intricate compositions that seamlessly blend heavy metal’s raw power with the melodic nuances of hard rock.

The artists’ 2018 release ‘4560’ conjures a lyrical journey that delves into social statements and challenges societal norms. The result is a musical identity that stands out, marked by powerful vocals, harmonies, and layers that resonate with fans across the spectrum of metal enthusiasts.

Rejecting the status quo, their music serves as a bold revolt against modern society, embodying a non-nihilistic perspective that strikes a chord with those disenchanted with the contemporary world. Beyond the powerful exterior, ninefifteen’s music holds an extreme philosophical angle, appreciated by listeners attuned to the revolutionary nature embedded in their lyrics and imagery.

Diversity defines ninefifteen’s musical canvas, expressing life, death, and a range of contemporary issues. The rejection of modern society is conveyed through aggressive dissonance and power, forging a deep artistic and emotional connection with their audience.

Their discography, including the vinyl, USB drive, and CD releases of “4560,” reflects their commitment to diverse formats. The band’s name, derived from their shared birthdate of September 15, adds a unique touch to their identity, embodying the collective spirit of ninefifteen.

Each song is a narrative in itself, with tracks like “Water Wars” shedding light on the conflict in Palestine, “Smack Boy” addressing the enduring heroin crisis, and “Penace” exploring the lack of self-awareness among leaders regarding the gift of free will.

Influenced by contemporary metal giants like Jinjer and the timeless musicianship of Dixie Dregs, ninefifteen constantly seeks to infuse unexpected flavors into their compositions.

As they collaborate and continue pushing boundaries, ninefifteen, led by the seasoned Marcello Vierra  they find fulfillment in the joy of playing together, embodying a lifelong dedication to their craft. As they set their sights on the future, their music remains a testament to the enduring power of heavy metal in the heart of Ohio.



Published by ninefifteen publishing BMI, ninefifteen is a heavy metal band that boasts a classic sound that echoes through their latest album, released in 2018. Founded on a fusion of heavy metal and hard rock, ninefifteen is a musical journey led by Marcello Vierra’s commanding vocals, complemented by John Hutton’s intricate guitar work and Nick Bailes’ dynamic and iconic drumming. The band’s sonic identity is a blend of powerful vocals, layered choruses, and harmonies, creating a signature sound that sets them apart.


BAND ninefifteen published by : ninefifteen publishing BMI
Name: john Hutton
Address: 20 North Broad Street, middeltown, ohio
Email: john@ninefifteen.com


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@ninefifteenmetal
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/40Ulat4IWR08Q5RIfUMtOG
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-887875267
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/ninefifteen

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