A Phenomenal Country Comeback by the Finest of the Genre- Jason Rogers’ Unearths the Fragility of Love with New Track

Blue Buck Records

Back after a decade of disappearing from the Country scene at the height of his career, Jason Rogers is an everlasting old soul in the contemporary scene

Presque Isle, ME — Released under the imprint of Blue Buck Records, Jason Rogers’ charming new Country release, “Cold Here in Montana” underlines a rich and layered musical journey. His 2nd Country single since his infamous comeback to the Country music scene in the middle of October after a decade of disappearance, “Cold Here in Montana” is a truly moving picture of love, turmoil, and relationships.

The gut-wrenching single explores the story of a woman who was caught red-handed cheating on her husband with another man, destroying the man’s heart in the process. Having dropped on December 2nd, 2022, the new single emphasizes how love is full of emotions and is very fragile- a feeling which has been experienced by so many people.

Written by Steve McClellan- a good friend of Jason Rogers’s that lives in the Nashville area, “Cold Here In Montana” was recorded at OmniSound Studios in Nashville, with Nashville’s talented music producer Martin Young.

Rogers holds the honor of being nominated as the 1st ballot of the 54th annual Grammy Awards in the categories of “Best New Artist” and “Best Country Song”, and is past winner of Song of the Year, supporting VH-1’s Save the Music.

The artist looks forward to recording many new songs in 2023 at Omni Studios in Nasvhille, alongside producer Martin Young. Rogers says that he will be releasing a new song every three months for at least the next five years, including some classic Christmas songs- something which Rogers has never done before.

Check out Jason Rogers’ stunning new track, “Cold Here in Montana” and read about his fantastic musical journey on his official website. The artist remains open to reviews and interviews by all!



Jason Rogers was born in Maine, and spent his childhood being raised in a small rural potato farming community in eastern Canada in the Province of New Brunswick. Rogers even spent a short time of his childhood living in Scarborough, England as his father Lawrence travelled much and would often take the family with him. Rogers spent many nights watching the northern lights by a campfire and many days hunting, fishing and looking for signs of moose, deer, and even sasquatch.

His passion for music led him to learn how to play several instruments, some of them being guitar, drums and piano. In 2011 when Jason Rogers stunned the industry after he removed his music from the internet and even from Walmart stores. Rogers had accomplished an astronomical number of accolades in a short time and just vanished from music after being featured in every country music magazine in the world and being played on the radio in 16 countries.

After deciding that some years had passed and he was not ready to lay the guitar down, Jason Rogers decided to hear his heart’s call: “One more round, one more round”. He has picked up his guitar and listeners are sure to hear a barrage of new country singles over the next 5 years.


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