A Passionate and Moving Spectacle of Rock Music- Christian Love Mesmerizes with Beautiful Rock Album

TM Productions/Christian Love Music

A seasoned touring musician of The Beach Boys Band- Christian Love’s newest record- ‘Only Alibis’ highlights a distinctive Christian style and lyricism

Hickory, NC —October 13th, 2023 – Christian Love, the son of Beach Boys founding member and lead singer Mike Love, is making waves in the music world with the release of his debut album, “Only Alibis.” With a distinctive blend of indie rock and pop, the emotion-fueled album is proof of Christian’s inimitable style and moving lyrics.

Christian’s songwriting career took off in 2020 when he co-wrote “Here We Go Again” with Bruce Johnston and other accomplished songwriters. This hit song found a place on The Weeknd’s album, “Dawn FM,” and added another chapter to Christian’s already impressive career.

Following this achievement, Christian decided to embark on a solo project, resulting in “Only Alibis.” “Only Alibis” is a captivating mix of indie rock and pop, featuring songs that explore the themes of relationships, upliftment, and pure fun. The album’s debut single, “Sum Sum Summer,” is a musical gem that features the notable talents of guitarist Elliot Easton (of The Cars), drummer Phil Jones (known for his work with Tom Petty), and Matt Jardine, a former member of The Beach Boys touring band, providing additional vocals, guitar, and drums to this uplifting track.

Christian Love, the eclectic genius behind the album, showcases his versatile talents as a guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, synthesizer expert, and Pro Logic sound effects maestro. As the lead vocalist, Christian’s charismatic voice and heartfelt lyrics resonate throughout “Only Alibis.”

The album, released on August 31, 2023, represents a departure from the classic Beach Boys sound, embracing an indie rock style that’s fresh and engaging. New achievements lie in the horizon as John Stamos takes the director’s chair for the upcoming music video for Love’s “Sum Sum Summer,” to complement the album’s vibrant music.

Stream “Only Alibis” and experience Christian Love’s magnetizing power on your favorite music streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon, and YouTube! Visit the artist’s website for more information, music downloads, and purchasing options. For interviews, reviews, and/or inquiries, reach out through the artist’s contact email.



Christian Love is a skilled and talented artist who has been making magic in the Rock genre since long. The son of Beach Boys founding member and lead singer Mike Love, Christian Love embarked on a remarkable music journey that is as harmonious as it is iconic. Love recently released his debut album, “Only Alibis,” a work of art that showcases his distinctive indie rock and pop style.

With a history deeply rooted in music, Christian Love has emerged as a talent to watch in the industry. In 2005, Christian joined The Beach Boys (Mike Love and Bruce Johnston) touring band, taking on the roles of rhythm guitar player, harmonious vocalist, and lead singer on timeless hits like “God Only Knows” and “Good Vibrations.”

His debut album- “Only Alibis” is a departure from the classic Beach Boys sound, showcasing Christian’s commitment to creating music that uplifts and entertains. Released on August 31, 2023, the album sets the stage for an exciting chapter in Christian Love’s music career.


TM Productions/Christian Love Music
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