A Darker Blend Of Southern Americana Music

A Darker Blend Of Southern Americana Music


Pisgah, AL — Thursday, February 18th, 2021 — Lowery’s unique blend of classic Americana music with the emotional spontaneity of a spiritually confused southern poet both celebrate and condemn life through painfully honest and thought-provoking lyrics. Delivered by his vulnerable, yet powerfully emotional voice, he carries a message that’s consistently honest, though not always pleasant, making for an intense performance which will not soon be forgotten, leaving the audience questioning what once seemed to be absolute truth.

In the darkness of the night, a lone guitar can be heard picking out sorrowful notes over the gentle applause of a small but dedicated following as James begins to play his most popular song “A Short Journey.” A somber tone swirls slowly ’round the room, hushing the crowd as if a good man has been lost to the wicked ways of the world. The music swells to a crescendo; some are wiping tears from their reddened eyes, while some are reassessing their lives, wondering if they ever understood what it meant to be alive at all. Regardless, the looming sense of change is heavy. This is the lure that keeps them coming back: the raw emotion of a song that hits like a gut-punch, uniquely delivering a painful and necessary reminder to everyone gathered there.

Music has always been something of a mystery, leaving me wondering where it came from, why it seems to dominate every aspect of this life. Never have I been able to understand it, only accept it, and as I began to write, people began to listen. In time, people began to remember my songs, the titles and the lyrics, even requesting them, which came as a shock to me. By the time I was 30, I had played the Riverbend Music Festival, been featured in The Pulse entertainment magazine and had played live on television twice. All of this came only after I had to play in the streets; not for fun, but for food, to survive. That’s where I learned the value of music: in the streets, performing for pocket change, often time playing to an empty alleyway. But, as my band began to accelerate into better things, I told myself this: “There’s no peace and no rest, only work and success.” And that’s exactly what happened…. the only absolutely guaranteed way to fail is not to try. So, why not try your best? That’s why I am still here….and I will never quit.

Music has been the most confusing blessing of my life. Many have come and gone in bands, some good, some bad, but always the music made it all worth it. Never have I been so motivated to overcome hardship as I was when the band would break up…. that always seemed to hurt me more than losing anything else. But, like all things, they must come to an end.

However, the music we created will always be with me and I will always live to share these songs with others, not for money, not for fame, but for the purpose of keeping the meaning in life, for without that, we aren’t living life at all.  As a matter of fact, you are very welcome to visit my site, where you  can hear several original songs as well as watch some videos. My publishing group, Town Square Music Group, has a team of songwriters that just want to share the music. That’s it. So, here it is, take a listen and a look and feel free to let me know what you think….after all, without you, the fans and the supporters, we artists wouldn’t have much reason to do anything at all. So, thank you for listening. Stay true and thank you for being a music fan!

Here’s where you can find me online:


Feel free to share and if you dig the music, tips are always welcome! Thank you for your support, I hope to see you at a show sometime soon… first rounds on me!






James Lowery
James Lowery
100 Metcalf Street

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