A Chaotic, Sensory, and Vibrant Ride- Caramel Jam Amaze with Melodic and Colorful New Single “Subway”

Caramel Jam

With a viscerally appealing and stellar new single titled “Subway,” Caramel Jam underscores an experimental new layer of Pop music

Zurich, Switzerland — October 1st, 2022 – For any fan of modern Pop music, the rising music phenomenon Caramel Jam is a blessing. With their uniquely crafted, original, and stellar new single, “Subway,” Caramel Jam takes listeners through the ride of their lives. The new track begins with the nostalgic sounds of an approaching train, easing audiences into a multi-sensory and vivid experience they will surely fall in love with.

A metaphor for the fast-paced, twisted, and unexpected ride of life, “Subway” is underpinned by contemporary Pop elements and depicts the creativity and fervor the group channels. Inducing audiences to a trance-like state with their colorful and dreamy track, Caramel Jam evokes the sweet nostalgia of heartening memories with their emotion-fueled songwriting.

A promising duo, Caramel Jam boasts the artistic expertise of rising singer Célia Ramos, reinventing a monotonous ride that each person is familiar with. The new single features Ramos delivering stunning vocals, alongside production by Sefi Carmel at Soundtrack Creation, London. Music on the new track was composed by C and J, while instrumentation was done by J.

“Subway” was officially released for listeners in September 2022 on Caramel Jam’s official music streaming platforms, alongside a fitting and beautiful YouTube music video directed by Charles Sangnoir. A musical masterpiece, “Subway” is an entrancing listen for all fans of the Pop genre!

Stream, buy, and enjoy “Subway” and other songs by Caramel Jam on their official streaming platforms! Check out the artist’s music video on YouTube as well as their website: www.carameljam.com. For more information, subscribe and follow Caramel Jam on social media (Instagram and Facebook) and follow the featured singer, Célia Ramos’ spectacular journey on Instagram. For interviews, reviews, and collaborations, reach out to the artists by mail at info@carameljam.com!



Caramel Jam is a prolific musical collective based in Europe, which was founded in 2021 by C and J. Brought together by their passion and love for creating music, the talented artists are driven to explore and experiment with the sweet diversity of music.

Sculpting their own magical trajectory, the talented artists hope to experiment with different sonorities and atmospheres to create living motion pictures of sound. As a dynamic duo, the artists aim to collaborate with musicians and producers worldwide to indulge audiences with musical sweets. They see their new project as a depiction of their emotions and inspiration.

C is a singer-songwriter with an extensive background as a session singer and stage performer. The artist is also known for creating and recording music in a multitude of styles and has been making music with Caramel Jam and other contemporary projects.

J is a talented composer-songwriter who brings enviable experience as a piano player and keyboarder for Classical and Jazz music. Exploring a multitude of styles, J is currently involved in creating music with Caramel Jam and other projects.


Caramel Jam
Name: Caramel Jam
Email: info@carameljam.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carameljamofficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carameljamofficial
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUC8vYniYzZ6an3brXPsB-Q
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1jyZeAqxn38udSEuh04lmM

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