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Artist/Producer/Label Pioneer Spyder D Urges Artists To Continue To Create Despite Current State Of Industry

“In what other form of music, are you ushered out the door after a three year run?”, asks an incredulous Spyder D, (born Sidney Duane Hughes), muttered to nobody in particular.

“Who devised this unwritten rule, that in Hip Hop, some unseen authority dictates to the streets, this person is over with, and these new set of people are what’s happening? Only in Hip Hop. A conversation with Chuck D kept me from putting myself out to pasture”, recalls Spyder.

Chuck D, the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame frontman for the groundbreaking rap band Public Enemy, who himself continues to tour the world and continues to put out new music independently, including the recently released
“Give We The Pride” with legend Mavis Staples.

“That song should be playing everywhere because it’s a great song, not to mention the artists that recorded it are absolute legends”, continued the seemingly frustrated artist/producer who became the first rap artist to successfully produce and release his music on his own label back in 1980. “Because Chuck is my age, and he’s a Hip Hop God, even with his credentials as a Hall Of Fame artist, his music will get secondary consideration at radio behind some young artist spewing negativity!
Are you serious?”

Now, at the age of 54, Spyder has released a twenty eight track, two volume set, that he feels, contains music that should be considered as simply, music.

Not old school. Not new school.

Just music.

“When the Rolling Stones put out new music, it’s just that! New music!
Hip Hop artists that were out in the early 2000’s are already considered “old school” or too old to be rapping!
Says who?, continued Spyder.

“Chuck snapped me out of that and I finished some of my best productions!”

“Musical thirst quencher, wack MC lyncher/I’ll out rhyme you when I’m old and suffering from dementia”, blares Spyder on the first song on the album “Spyder D’s Greatest Skits Vol. 1”, referring to his belief that if the Rolling Stones can rock out at their age, why can’t he and others in Hip Hop do the same?

“It’s the same old trick bag! Divide and conquer! You got the youngsters being brainwashed and arguing with older fans of Hip Hop, the Hip Hop purists that grew up listening to KDAY in Los Angeles or Mr. Magic-Marley Marl on WBLS or Red Alert/Chuck Chillout in New York in the eighties”, continued Spyder.

To him, that divide has reverberated throughout the music industry. The result: short playlists and apathetic music consumers.

“When you limit what the consumer is exposed to, that tends to lessen the demand. No supply. No demand. They’ve broken their own model”, continued Spyder. “It’s not just Hip Hop either, but it is Hip Hop and Black Artists in general that are hurt the most in this new Millenium music business model. Bright young stars like Perri Jones (daughter of former Def Jam star Oran “Juice” Jones), is as talented a young singer that I have heard in my entire life, yet, because of the current state of the industry, she has yet to get a record deal! That’s ridiculous! Label executives, seriously. Look back at what was working. Return to that. You’re killing your own businesses”, finished the pioneering producer whose mid eighties string of Billboard charted hits included “I Can’t Wait (To Rock The Mike)”, “Smerphie’s Dance”, “How Ya Like Me Now”, as well as productions on Sparky D and Roxanne Shante in the now famous “Roxanne Wars”.

Spyder D has relaunched the pioneering label Newtroit Records with a digital distribution deal with Rainy Songs Entertainment. He began this comeback campaign with a single he made with Chuck D and David Ruffin Jr. that was engineered and co-produced with Grammy winner Anton Pukshansky and distributed through Spit Digital.

He says he will practice what he preaches to other artists to never stop doing what they love. Advice he himself got from his longtime friend, the legendary Chuck D.

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Spyder D, (whose birth name is Sidney Duane Hughes), career began in earnest in 1979 after being inspired by hearing… ...Read More

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