2anormal Guides with ‘Northstar’


The Ever Evolving Emcee Continues to Build His Fanbase with Current as He Works on His Next


Kansas City, Kansas – April 29, 2016 – Evolution is a part of nature that is undeniable. Without it, change would never happen and with that, enters 2anormal. He began his music journey over 15 years ago as a hardcore rapper and today has taken twists and turns to land on a sound that feels more like who he is in 2016. With a more laid back, pop sound coming out of his rhymes, he’s got his latest album, Northstar ready for consumption as he puts the final touches on more.

With over 200 songs under his belt, Northstar is repping this emcee in the here and now by being the guiding light for fans both new and old to follow. And follow they are. He’s gained quite the following on internet radio stations such as Jango and Pandora. Listeners tuning is gravitate towards his rhymes that intertwine not only elements of pop, but R&B as well. He’s a smooth storyteller with a lot to say.

While comparable to artists like J. Cole and Drake, 2anormal sets himself apart from his peers with his unique ways. He has the ability to create infectious and relatable anthems about everyday, real life situations. Because of that, listeners find his originality refreshing in an era of rap music that is lacking in substance and quality lyrics.

With Northstar out now, fans can get their fill while they wait for the September release of Boycott The Bullshit.

Those interested in learning more about 2anormal can check him out online.

2anormal is an artist who has gone from a hardcore rapper to a laid back emcee who isn’t afraid to pop a little on his latest album Northstar, as well as on his upcoming release, Boycott The Bullshit.

Anthony Handley
4535 Haskell Ave Kansas City, KS 66104

Official Site: http://www.2anormal.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2anormalmusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/2anormal

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