Top 5 Computer Programs for Music Production

Music Production

In this day and age, anyone can start learning how to produce music. You don’t need your own studio you just need a computer. Learning the basics of music production can be beneficial, whether you want to become a producer or want to learn how to make your own music. First, you’ll need a DAW.

What is a DAW?

A DAW is a digital audio workstation. This refers to a computer program that gives you the workspace to create music. You’ll be able to work with multiple tracks, add instruments, create beats, and make your own original music.

While you may eventually want to upgrade your equipment, for now, you’ll need a computer or a laptop and some music production software. Here are the top 5 computer programs for music production:

  • Mixcraft
  • Magix Music Maker
  • FL Studio
  • Cubase Elements
  • Sonar Artist


Mixcraft is one of the most highly recommended DAWs available. It consistently ranks as the best software, despite the fact that it is not available for the Mac. So, you’ll need to have a Windows PC in order to use Mixcraft.

When using this program to produce music, you’ll enjoy unlimited recording capabilities and a large loop library. You get professional quality music production, with an easy to understand interface. Mixcraft has been designed as an entry-level solution for those that want to learn how to produce music.

Even if you have no experience producing music, you’ll quickly get the hang of the dashboard and features. The drag and drop interface lets you edit tracks instantly and make changes on the fly.

Magix Music Maker

Magix Music Maker also contains a large loop library and is also only available for Windows PCs. As with Mixcraft, it is also incredibly easy to use. This makes it a suitable option for beginners and those that are just starting to get into music production.

The affordable price tag also helps to make Magix Music Maker one of the preferred options. For a low price, you’ll get over 2,000 loops that you can use to instantly start creating beats. If you upgrade to the premium version, you’ll get access to over 6,500 loops. You can also add a variety of virtual instruments.

FL Studio

FL Studio has a long history and has earned a reputation for delivering superior production capabilities. In the past, this software was known as Fruity Loops and was used by professional producers in hip-hop and other genres. Also, it’s available for Mac users!

Before choosing FL Studio, it should be noted that the introductory version does not allow you to add external instruments. Though, you can add virtual instruments. You’ll also be able to use the beat sequencer, plugins, and loops. But, if you want external instruments, you’ll need the Producer or Signature edition of FL Studio.

If you choose FL Studio, we’ve included this tutorial video to help you get started:

Cubase Elements

Cubase Elements is another program available for both Windows and Mac. The one disadvantage of this program is that it does not include a comprehensive set of recording options. Though, the options that it does include surpass what you would get from other introductory programs.

Cubase Elements makes up for the lack of recording capabilities by including a wide selection of audio files, MIDI files, and MIDI loops. There are over 4,377 sounds available. The interface is also easy to use and there are over 44 plugins available.

Sonar Artist

Sonar Artist is another great option, but it is only available for Windows PC. So, if you have a Mac, you won’t be able to use Sonar Artist. Some of the advantages of Sonar Artist include a simple user interface and a command center. The command center includes all of your downloadable content, making it easy to organize your plugins and downloaded files.

You also have the option of completely customizing the interface. You can resize and drag all of the elements around your desktop.

Sonar Artist is available with a monthly or yearly subscription. Obviously, you’ll save money by purchasing the yearly subscription, but you should check it out for a month or two before committing to an entire year.

Start Making Money with Music Production

Once you get used to using these programs to create amazing tracks and beats, you can start making money. There are plenty of online opportunities for earning income through music production. This includes selling your beats to video production companies, leasing your tracks, and producing music for other artists.

Along with those methods of generating income through music production, we’d like to show you additional strategies for selling music. An upcoming webinar will teach you how to make a living selling music. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make music and make a living, then register today for our upcoming music production webinar.

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