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Music Reviews and Other Methods of Music Promotion


So, you want to know how to get a record deal. Depending on your current level of success, you may be jumping the gun. Before getting a record deal, or signing a contract with a music manager, you should learn as much about the music industry as possible. By promoting your own music, you can increase your recognition.

Building your fan base and establishing a name for your band is the first step to getting ahead in the music industry. You need to be able to handle music promotion on your own until you reach the point that a music manager is willing to work with you. Music reviews and other forms of promotion can help you get there.

You Need to Play Gigs

The most effective way to promote your music is to play gigs. It is an old method, but it works. There is more to gigging than just playing local bars and clubs. You need to branch out and travel to other regions – if you want to gain new fans that are interested in your music.

You don’t need a manager in order to book a gig. You just need to be willing to make contacts and establish positive relationships. Along with bars and clubs, you should look into festivals, events, and charities that are in need of performers.

A large part of your effort should be spent on playing live shows. You should also look for events in which similar acts or musicians within your genre will be playing. These shows are likely to attract two types of audience members – those that are fans of other musicians in your genre and people that are generally fans of your genre of music. This is a great way to gain new fans.

Create Your Own Website

Having your own website provides several advantages. It can help increase your online presence. Having your own website can also make it easier for your fans to find your music or find out where you’re going to be playing your next gig.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to create your own professional website. With Wix or WordPress, anyone can put together a great site that represents their band or musical act.

You can use your website to share links to your music or to embed clips from SoundCloud or Spotify. Keeping your tour dates updated and including other details related to your music will help increase your recognition.

The following video gives step by step tips for promoting your rap music online. Though, you don’t necessarily need to be involved in the rap game to benefit. These same tips can apply to almost any genre. See for yourself:

Post Music on SoundCloud and Other Music Streaming Sites

Music streaming sites, such as SoundCloud and Spotify, have revolutionized the way that artists promote their own music. Now, anyone can get started with music promotion and promote their own songs. Setting up an account and uploading your music to these sites is not always easy. If you need any help, we’ve got plenty of articles on this topic throughout this site.

Post Music and Links to Social Media Websites

You should also make good use of your social media profiles. Create a profile for your band or for your solo act. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are among the top places to promote your music online. You can use these sites to connect with fans across the globe.

While gigging is one of the most effective ways to promote your own music, using social media helps you reach out and connect with your fans. You can build a loyal fan base and will also make it easier for your fans to share their love of your music with their friends and family.

The bottom line is that social media is a great source for word of mouth advertising. Post regularly and interact with your fans.


You now have a few methods that can help you learn how to promote music. These are steps that every musician should be taking in order to improve their music promotion skills.

While a music manager will be able to help with these steps, you may not be ready for a manager. Take matters into your own hands and start promoting your own music today!

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