How to Promote Your Music

How to Promote Your Music Using Online Resources

Booking shows and events can help you increase your exposure, but they’re not the only solutions for promoting your music.

Thanks to modern technology, you now have a quite a few options at your disposal. This includes submitting your music to streaming sites, maintaining a strong social media presence, and sending out press releases.

In fact, if you’re not using these online resources, then you’re not doing everything in your power to promote your music. With that in mind, here is a short tutorial to teach you how to get started with online music promotion.

You Need Social Media Accounts

Indie musicians are more likely to succeed when they treat their music like a business. This means creating social media accounts for your music that are separate from your personal social media accounts.

Even if you are a solo artist going by your real name, it’s a good idea to separate your musical career from your personal social media.

The reason for this is to keep things separate from your personal life. You don’t want to alienate your audience by sharing content that they disagree with. Keep personal posts on your personal social media accounts and music related posts on your business social media accounts.

When you create a new social media account, you often have the option of creating a personal account or a business account. You’ll want to create business accounts, as this will give the option to purchase sponsored posts and PPC (pay-per-click) ads through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You Need to Submit Music Online

The next step is to submit music online. For this step, you’ll need to create an account with the various online music streaming sites, including Spotify, SoundCloud, and possibly iTunes. If you’re a rapper or hip-hop artist, you should also think about uploading music to DatPiff.

Once you create an account with these sites, the music submission process is relatively straight-forward. Whether you choose to upload a few songs or your latest album, you’ll then be able to share your music with the public.

You can also share your uploaded music on social media. This is great if you already have a good-sized following on social media. Share the links to your music on social media. Your fans can then share your music with their friends and family.

You Need to Send Out Press Releases

Whenever you release new music or plan a large tour, you should send out a press release. A press release is essentially an article that discusses this latest event. It is written in the third-person and provides details about your new music or tour.

You can write this press release yourself. Though, allowing a professional to write the press release will help you reach a larger audience. Buying a press release through ArtistPR will ensure that your release is sent to the top music industry insiders. Increase your exposure by buying high-quality press releases.

Along with press releases, you could also try to get your music reviewed on music blogs. Reach out to music bloggers by sending them a friendly email containing links to your EPK and your latest music.

You Should Consider Creating a Website

A website is not a requirement, but it will be incredibly useful in promoting your music online. While social media profiles will allow you to connect with your fans, a website is a central online location for everything related to your music.

From your website, you can share all your links, including links to your music, your social media profiles, and venues where you will be performing.

You don’t need any web design experience in order to build your own site. Wix and WordPress are a couple of the most popular website builder platforms. Both options are incredibly easy to use.

With Wix, you will choose from thousands of templates and then drag and drop elements on the page. With WordPress, you also have access to thousands of templates and the creation of a web page is no more complicated than creating a Word document.

There are thousands of online tutorials that will teach you how to get started. For now, you could watch this short video on setting up your first WordPress site:

Final Thoughts on Promoting Your Music Online

Once you’ve gone through all these steps, you should stick to a consistent schedule of sending out new social media posts. Continue to update your fans and share entertaining content.

The main thing that you need to remember about online music promotion is that you need to be consistent. Never stop being active online. Talk to your fans, join music forums and do everything that you can to increase your online presence.

If you stick with it, you’ll be able to continue reaching a larger audience. Good luck and remember the importance of creating a separate social media account for your musical career.

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  1. Having your own website is incredibly important. Not only is it a property you own (unlike social media) where you can both build a deeper connection with your fans and sell stuff, but having a website makes you look more professional. That makes a big difference, when you’re trying to land a gig or a recording deal.

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