How to Promote Your Music Online with 8 Different Options

Online music promotion can open new doors for indie artists. You no longer need to rely on old-school methods, such as the radio, to get your music out to the masses. Thanks to music promotion services, and online sites for submitting music, you can easily learn how to promote your music. So, here are 8 different options that you have available.

#1 – SoundCloud Promotion

The first place to start is with the SoundCloud promotion. SoundCloud is a popular platform for indie artists that want to share their music online. This gives you more options than if you were to submit music to Spotify.

With SoundCloud, you are in control of which songs are available to public and can send invitations for people to listen to private tracks. This versatility and the high-quality sound files makes SoundCloud promotion an integral part of any music promotion strategy for indie artists.

#2 – Create Your Own YouTube Channel

If you haven’t already created a Google account for your band or for your music, then you should do so. This is then connected to a YouTube Channel. Artists use YouTube to promote their music and get discovered – think of The Weeknd or Justin Bieber.

Even if this doesn’t get you discovered, it can help you build your fan base. You don’t need a professional music video. You can upload a live recording from gigs or place your music tracks over a slideshow. Artist Shortcut has recently uploaded a short video that gives you some tips on promoting your music through YouTube:

#3 – Promote Your Music Through Reddit Music

Reddit remains a popular website for link sharing. There is even a major subreddit called “Reddit Music”. You can share links and get real feedback. Though, you should be prepared for honest opinions. Redditors are notorious for leaving vile comments.

Along with sharing your music through Reddit Music, you can find plenty of additional advice. You’ll be able to connect with other musicians, ask for advice, or browse other people’s comments.

#4 – Submit Music to Spotify

You could also submit music to Spotify. This is one of the most used music streaming apps. Millions of people listen to Spotify every day.

Also, you could earn a commission if enough people listen to your music. Even if you can’t millions of listeners, it’s still a great way to get more people to listen to your music. Grow your fan base and give your existing fans an easy way to listen to your latest music.

#5 – Use Social Media Marketing

You can use social media to market your music. Take advantage of Twitter and Facebook. Share links to your music on these sites. Whenever you release new music, post about it on Facebook and send out a tweet on Twitter.

Remember to use hashtags. This helps people find your music. For example, you may think about using some of the following hashtags:

  • #music
  • #rap
  • #hiphop
  • #indiemusic
  • #newmusic
  • #hotmusic

You get the idea. You want to describe what it is and what genre it belongs to. Social media marketing is not hard. You just need to share constantly.

One of the mistakes that artists fall for is that they only promote their own music on social media. This should only be a fraction of your promotion. You can also share links to artists that you enjoy, articles about other artists, or anything else that you think may appeal to your fan base.

#6 – Create Your Own Website

You will need to have your own website if you want to grow your own fan base. Creating your own website is not difficult. There are several affordable options. You can use WordPress or Wix. These platforms are easy to use and do not require any web design experience. They even have website templates that are intended for artists.

You’ll need to purchase a domain, but these generally cost $10 or less per year. Once you’ve got your website set up, you will have an official spot to promote your music. You can think of your website as the “all-in-one” resource for links and info related to your music.

You can include links to any music that you’ve published online. You can also use plugins to add music SoundCloud or Spotify directly to your website.

Create new blog posts whenever you release new music, book a gig, or prepare for an event. Also, create separate pages for the following areas:

  • Upcoming gigs
  • Artist biography
  • Music links or discography
  • Contact information

In a way, your website is like an electronic press kit. Though, it’s more detailed. It includes all the information that anyone will need to find your music and learn more about you. Keep your website updated.

Having a website helps people find your music. When they type in the name of your brand or your stage name, your website should be the first thing that pops up in search engine results.

#7 – Search for Music Blogs

There are thousands of music blogs that love sharing the latest music. These blogs have become more popular and more respected than dinosaurs such as Rolling Stone magazine. These are the sites that serious music lovers and industry professionals visit to discover the latest trends and new artists.

Search for these music blogs and reach out to the owners of the blog. Submit a link to your music. Preferably, share a link to songs that you have uploaded to Spotify or SoundCloud. They won’t bother listening to your music if they need to download it or have trouble finding it.

#8 – Buy a Press Release

As a final option, ArtistPR can help you get your music out there. With a “Done-for-you” press release, you can generate more attention and build more awareness for your music.

These press releases allow you to reach managers and music industry insiders. You can gain recognition and promote your upcoming releases or events. Learn more. Click here to discover how to order the ultimate press release.

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