How to Promote Your Music and Sell More Albums with 5 Simple Tips

Do you need to sell more albums on your website?

Creating a website, adding music, and keeping your site updated may not be enough. You need to actively market your music.

Band promotion should be treated like the online promotion for any product. You want to take advantage of basic marketing strategies, including the psychology that’s often used in online marketing.

If you want to learn how to promote your music and sell more albums, then check out the following 5 tips. They’re easy to implement and they rely on time-tested marketing techniques.

#1 – Include Physical Albums for Sale

Not everyone wants digital downloads. At least, there’s still a market for physical CDs and vinyl. If you release music in these formats, then make them available on your website. This gives visitors an extra option for purchasing your music, which is an important part of basic marketing.

In fact, if possible, include 3 different purchase options. This could include digital download, CD, and vinyl. Or, the MP3 download of your latest single, download of your album, and CD of your album.

There’s a psychological reason for presenting 3 options. People are more likely to choose the middle option. This can boost overall sales.

People that are on the fence about buying a CD, may be more likely to spend less to purchase the digital download. Instead of simply leaving your site, they’ve now become a customer.

Even if most people don’t purchase your physical albums, simply making the physical album available can result in more digital sales.

#2 – Make Sure Your Website Works on Mobile Devices

This next tip is incredibly important and shouldn’t be an issue with most websites. But, you need to ensure your website looks good on mobile devices. Luckily, most website themes are built with a responsive design, which means they work on any device.

Over half of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. So, you need to make sure that these people can navigate your website. Otherwise, you’re cutting your online market in half. Mobile-optimized sites often use a “responsive” design. If you’re not familiar with this term, here’s a short video that explains how responsive websites work (in just over 60 seconds):

Even if you use a responsive design, some elements may not appear as intended on various devices. When you build your website or add a new page, visit the site on your desktop or laptop, along with any available mobile devices.

If elements or pages don’t appear correctly, then you may need a new theme. If you’re using WordPress or another website builder, switching themes is relatively easy. Search for the latest themes, especially if you’ve been using the same theme for several years.

#3 – Include Lyrics to Your Songs

People still enjoy reading the lyrics to the songs that they like. This is one of the things that’s missing now that we no longer purchase CDs as frequently. The liner notes are gone when you’ve got digital downloads.

But, you can still offer the lyrics on your website. You can add lyrics to a pop-up page that opens after users click a link next to the song. Or, create a separate page for lyrics. The location doesn’t matter if you make the lyrics easy to find.

#4 – Include More Information About Your Songs

Being mysterious can have a certain appeal. But, living in the technology age, people are used to having access to any information that they want. This means that your music marketing efforts could benefit from the inclusion of more info.

This is like the previous tip. Digital downloads don’t include CD liner notes. But, your web page gives you a place to include this info.

On your web pages where you display songs and albums for sale, include these extra details. This could include where the song was recorded, who you worked with, and any other details that you feel are relevant. You could even include a little story about how you came up with the song.

These little details help people connect with your song, even before they hear it. It also lends a more professional touch to the listing of your songs and albums on your website.

#5 – Create and Submit Press Releases

The final tip for selling more albums is to create and release your own press releases. These press releases are used for band promotion when you’ve got a new album, tour, or other exciting news to announce.

Think of these releases as a news article. They are written in the third-person. Typically, you’ll link the press release to a specific landing page on your website – such as the page where visitors can order your latest album or purchase tickets to an upcoming show.

If you’d like assistance putting together an effective press release, ArtistPR can help. We offer premium press release services. These press releases are professionally written pieces that can increase your online exposure.

Use your press releases as part of your online music promotion – along with the other tips discussed.

Taking a few moments to get started with some of these tips can go a long way towards boosting your online recognition. If you want to sell more albums, you need to market your music and these tips will point you in the right direction. Good luck!

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