7 Effective Solutions To Improve Music Marketing Conversion

Conversion rates are an important metric to monitor. It’s the percent of people that complete the desired action after visiting your website. This could include joining your mailing list or buying a song.

You can get thousands of visitors to your website, but the traffic will mean nothing if you can’t convert the traffic into customers or fans.

The following tips will help you improve the quality of your landing pages so that you lose less of this traffic. Don’t let your hard work get wasted – learn how to boost your music marketing conversion rates.

#1 – Make Sure People Can See Your Content

If people on mobile devices can’t view all the text on your web page, or if certain elements don’t appear correctly, you’ll have low conversion rates.

Over half of all traffic comes from mobile devices. So, test your landing pages on every device that you have available. If you don’t own a smartphone, borrow someone else’s.

#2 – Narrow the Focus of Your Paid Advertisements

When you create paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Google AdWords, you should narrow your focus. This is niche marketing. You’re narrowing your focus to the people that will be most interested in your website.

Examples of narrowing the focus include targeting based on age, gender, interests, and geographical region.

#3 – Use Simple Forms on Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are typically used for capturing contact information. For example, a fan magnet with a digital download for people that subscribe to your mailing list is capturing email addresses. This requires the use of a form.

The more fields you include in the form the fewer subscribers you’ll get. After 5 fields, the numbers drop. The only information that you really need includes the person’s name and email address.

You could even get by with just including a field for their email address and a field for their first name. Keep it simple and more people will be willing to sign up.

#4 – Use a Clear and Direct Call to Action

Every landing page should have a call to action (CTA). This is the final sentence that you use to get people to complete the desired action – such as clicking to fill out a form or join a mailing list.

The CTA needs to be clear, understandable, and easy to read. Use a large button, which will help the CTA stand out on your page, along with a large font.

The CTA should also clearly state the action that you want people to complete. Here are a few examples:

  • Subscribe & download my latest single!
  • Listen to our latest MP3 today!
  • Check out our exclusive new track before it’s available to the public!
  • Watch our latest video now by subscribing to our newsletter!

When people read these CTAs, they know what’s going to happen. They’re going to listen to a song or watch a video.

#5 – Include Social Proof

Social proof is always presented on landing pages for products or services. You can’t view a sales page for the latest weight loss gimmick without reading “true” weight loss success stories from real customers. Other sites will include quotes pulled from social media quotes.

These customer testimonials can help establish trust. New visitors can see that a product or service has real customers.

This is a technique that you can apply to your landing pages and fan magnets. Include quotes from social media posts, but make sure that you ask for permission before displaying someone’s name.

If you’ve had your music reviewed on other sites, then include quotes from these sources for your social proof. Don’t fill your landing page with quotes, but try to include at least two or three per landing page.

#6 – Include Video on Your Landing Page

Another way to increase conversions is to include a video. Simply record an introductory video where you introduce yourself (or your band) and present the same information that’s presented in text on your landing page. The video should be short, less than 2 minutes, and preferably just 60 seconds.

Videos increase conversion rates. It’s a time-tested marketing strategy and it really works. The video doesn’t need graphics or fancy editing. Just discuss the offer presented on your landing page in simple terms and then thank everyone for visiting.

Place the video “above the fold” on your landing page. This means that it should be visible along the top part of the website before a visitor needs to scroll down the page.

#7 – Keep Everything Short and Simple

The final tip applies to every element on your landing page – keep it short and simple. Your headline, CTA, signup form, and content should be easy to read. People should be able to skim your landing page and get the general idea of what you’re presenting.

If someone stops and thinks about what they’re doing, they are less likely to complete the desired action on your landing page. You want to get people to follow through with the CTA as quickly as possible.

Here are a few more tips for boosting conversion rates on your landing pages:

Your landing pages are going to be responsible for helping you build a larger fan base. Use these pages to build fan magnets and get people to subscribe to your mailing list.

Final Thoughts on Boosting Conversion Rates

Increasing your conversion rates will help you reach other goals. For example, if you want to improve your online sales, you first need to convert your traffic into sales leads. This is done with the tips discussed and follow-up – such as email marketing.

The bottom line is that your conversion rates impact the overall performance of your website. If you’re treating your music career like a business, then improving your conversion rates should be a priority.

Start with the basics. Make sure that your page appears on all devices and that your content is easy to read. Also, take advantage of targeting options to narrow your focus.

With practice, you’ll soon be creating effective landing pages and dramatically increasing your fan base. Good luck!

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