How to Promote Your Music

6 Expert Tips for How to Promote Your Music

Creating music that people want to listen to is truly a gift. If you are blessed with the ability to make great music, you may be able to enjoy a career in the music industry. But, before anyone can listen to your music they need to find it. Music promotion is often the key to success in the music industry.

If you are currently struggling to get your music out to the public, check out the best strategies for how to promote your music.

Here are 6 expert tips for fast and easy band promotion.

#1 – Use Music Promotion Services

There are numerous music promotion services that can help you increase your recognition. Band promotion is all about getting your music into the hands of listeners. If someone likes your music, they will try to find more info about your band. This increases recognition, slowly building your brand and helping you gain attention.

Many of these music promotion services offer a range of tools and resources that can help you succeed. For example, at ArtistPR, you get access to over 25,000 music industry professionals, including music managers. You will get expert tips and insider secrets, along with the information you need to make a name for yourself or your band.

#2 – Submit Music to Radio Stations

In addition to using music promotion services, you can start submitting your music to radio stations. This includes small local stations and major stations that are recognized nationwide, such as Power 106 in NYC. Obviously, there is no guarantee that your music will receive radio play. But, you have nothing to lose. So, search online for “submit music to radio” and see what comes up.

#3 – Submit Music to Pandora

Radio stations are not your only option for submitting music. You could also submit your music to Pandora. Even though Spotify has surpassed Pandora as the streaming music of choice for the average music lover, it still has a significant listener base. In fact, they maintain over 81 million active users.

You can submit music directly to Pandora. There is an approval process. But, once your music is accepted, you open yourself up to a larger market.

#4 – Submit Music to Spotify

As mentioned, Spotify has more regular users than Pandora, making it a great place to submit music. When it comes to online music promotion, you should definitely include Spotify in your plans.

You cannot upload your music directly to Spotify, but you can get your music on the streaming service. Spotify works with various artist aggregators to help discover music to stream. See the entire list of suggested artist aggregators and start increasing your fan base.

If you are already working with a record label, then there is a good chance that your music will become available on Spotify anyway. The artist aggregators are for independent artists that are currently not working with a label.

#5 – Upload Your Music to SoundCloud

SoundCloud promotion is another option available to independent artists that want to get their music out there. You can upload individual tracks or an entire album. You do not even need to have a pro account in order to share your music with the world through SoundCloud. Though, you must have a confirmed email address associated with your account.

SoundCloud supports file sizes up to 5GB. Keep in mind that your account type could limit your total upload allowance. Free users can upload up to 3 hours of music, while Pro users can upload a total of 6 hours. Pro Unlimited users can enjoy unlimited uploads for SoundCloud promotion.

#6 – Send Out Press Releases

If you are ready to submit music and be heard by the masses, you should consider starting with a press release. They are a great way to get your name out there and make people aware of your music. Your press release gets industry reps excited about checking out your music.

With a professional press release from ArtistPR, you can reach thousands of professionals within the music industry. This includes journalists, music editors, radio stations, bloggers, and various news outlets around the world. You can get instant exposure, increase traffic to your website, and boost the value of your music.

Press releases provide numerous benefits to help build your brand and promote your music. Allow a professional music journalist to build hype for your band or the release of an upcoming album.

Build Your Fan Base with Music Promotion Services

Having a band manager can help you get ahead, but they are not absolutely required. You can take matters into your own hands in order to learn how to promote your music. Using the tips provided, you can start promoting your music online. Take advantage of these recommendations to help spread the word about your music or your band.

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