5 Reasons Why Musicians Need to Build an Email List

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Email marketing might not have the feeling of being something new and up to date, but no musician can afford to ignore it as a way of building a fan base, keeping in touch with fans, and promoting their music. In fact, if you’re worried about how to promote your music, building an email list is one of the best ways to do it.

Still unconvinced? We’ve put together a list of five reasons that we think every musician should get to work building an email list.

#1: You Can Use Your Email List to Keep in Touch with Fans

The first reason to build a list is that you need to keep in touch with your fans. You can do that on social media, of course, but not every fan you have will be active on social media. You need to have another way to stay connected.

Fans want to feel that the musicians they like care about their fans. Email is a good way to reach out, give your communications a personal touch, and let your fans know that you care about them.

Speaking of keeping in touch, if you want to make sure that your next tour sells out, informing your list of the tour dates and when tickets go on sale is a great way to do it. They’ll feel like they have the inside scoop, and you’ll reap the rewards in ticket sales.

#2: You Can Use Email to Promote Your Music

You probably have at least a few die-hard fans who wait breathlessly for your new releases. However, many of your fans probably have busy lives. As much as they love your music, they might lose track of your schedule.

That’s where email marketing comes in. You can use it to promote your music and even to give fans a sneak peek of your latest recording. Let them know when your new CD will be released or when it will be available in the iTunes Store.

And when your new CD drops, you can send out emails with a link to your store or to a third party site so that fans can buy your music. This approach benefits your fans by making it easy for them to buy your new music – and it benefits you by boosting your sales.

#3: You Can Use Email to Share Inside Information

One of the reasons that fans subscribe to band newsletters is because they hope they’ll get the inside scoop on band news. Everybody likes to feel that they have access to exclusive content. A fan newsletter can be the electronic equivalent of a backstage pass.

laptop with email marketingFor example, you might:

  • Take video of a band rehearsal and mail it to your list
  • Tell the story behind one of your songs
  • Share personal moments from band members’ lives

Any of these things can help you form a personal connection with your fans and build a following.

#4: You Can Use Email to Build Your Fan Base

You know that the people who subscribe to your list are fans, but don’t forget that they can also be ambassadors to help you promote your music. Many people love to talk to their friends and family about music, and your email list can be an effective way to encourage them to do that.

For example, you might provide a discount code for one of your CDs and encourage fans to share it with their friends. Make it a link that people have to provide an email address to access, and it can be the ideal method to use to expand your reach to new fans.

#5: You Can Use Email to Share Press Releases

Press releases are an effective way to share new information about your band and build anticipation for a tour or a new recording. In fact, press releases have a way of lending importance to anything they mention. They have a sense of urgency.

Writing press releases is an art form in itself. For example, you need to start off with a killer headline – something that really grabs your audience’s attention. Then you should back up your statements with as much authoritative proof as possible.

Some examples of proof include dates, numbers, statistics, quotes, and links to important information. All of these things help give your press release credibility.

You can find more information about how to craft the perfect press release by clicking here.

In Short…

Email marketing is easy to do, incredibly effective, and it remains one of the most affordable ways for musicians to connect with their fans and expand their fan base.

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