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5 Music Promotion Methods That You Need to Use

Learning how to promote your own music is a great way to learn more about the music industry. It will prepare you for the future stages of your career. Unless you’re already working with a manager, agents, or a PR team, these are steps that you’ll need to learn on your own.

To help you out, here are 5 music promotion methods that you need to start using. Begin incorporating these steps into your music promotion plans and you’ll surely be able to grow your fan base.

#1 – Social Media Marketing

At the top of the list of music promotion methods that you should be using is social media marketing. What is social media marketing? Basically, instead of posting random updates about your music to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you’ll stick to a consistent schedule.

You should try to post at least once per day on every major social media network that you use. Only a portion of these posts should discuss your music, tours, and upcoming gigs. Instead, you’ll want to give your followers a variety of entertaining content. This could include links to other musicians, entertaining articles, and other content that you think your followers will enjoy.

By sharing a variety of content, you’ll have a better chance of gaining new followers. You may even gain followers that have never heard of your music – they simply follow you because of the content that you post. If the concept of social media marketing is new to you, then check out the following video:

#2 – Upload Your Music to Streaming Sites

This next method is one that you’ve probably heard before – you need to upload your music. The days of making your own music and selling CD’s out of the back of your car are mostly gone. Instead, people use the internet to discover new music.

This means that you should take advantage of these online resources. Upload your music to streaming sites that people regularly use to listen to music. This includes SoundCloud, Spotify, DatPiff, and others.

Each of these sites has their own requirements and restrictions for uploading music. So, make sure that you learn more about the process before you start uploading your music.

#3 – Use Music Reviews to Promote Your Music

Music reviews are always a great way to promote your music. You’ll be more likely to get noticed by industry insiders. This is especially true if the music reviews are posted on a popular site or distributed to music industry professionals.

While you may be able to get reviewers to review your music, there are also methods of ensuring that your music gets reviewed. You can order quality music reviews that help showcase or highlight your music.

#4 – Send Out Press Releases to Announce New Music or Tours

Press releases are a great way to promote new music or upcoming tours. With a professionally written press release, you’ll be able to attract more attention. This offers many of the same benefits as using music reviews to promote your music.

As with music reviews, the press releases will also reach industry insiders. If you’re not familiar with press releases, they are written from an outside perspective and are meant to stick to the facts. They simply state the details and help build interest for upcoming events – such as the release of a new album or single or a scheduled tour.

#5 – Work with a Music Promotion Site

A music promotion site, such as ArtistPR, gives you access to resources that will help you promote your music. This includes beneficial guides for promoting your own music, as well as affordable services that will help you reach a larger audience.

For example, through ArtistPR, you can order an artist biography. You can make this a part of your electronic press kit. If you don’t already have an EPK, then make sure that you take a moment to read some of our other articles on the topic.

Make Music Promotion One of Your Main Tasks

Along with booking shows and making new music, you need to promote your own music. So, spend more time promoting your music. This is how you’ll grow your fan base and reach more people.

Start with the methods discussed. Use social media marketing to maintain your fan base while also gaining new fans. Upload your music to streaming sites so that you can easily share your music with people.

You can also use music reviews, press releases, and EPK’s to help you gain recognition from industry insiders. By combining these methods, you’ll be able to handle a lot of the tasks that would normally be managed by a band manager.

If you want to learn how to get a record deal, you need to know how to promote your own music. Begin using these methods for music promotion.

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