4 Solutions for Promoting Your Music Using Internet Marketing

If you’re not already using the internet to market your music, you’re missing out.

You need to treat your music career like a business and take advantage of typical internet marketing strategies.

Don’t worry. You don’t need any marketing experience. In fact, you don’t even need to be particularly tech-savvy. You just need the motivation to advance your music career.

Below, you’ll find 4 different strategies that can be used to promote your music. It’s a simple way to gain more listeners and grow your fan base. And, you won’t need a lot of money to get started. In fact, some of these strategies won’t cost you anything.

#1 – Create Separate Social Media Profiles

First, you should think about setting up separate social media profiles for your music. Even if you’re a solo act, having separate accounts for your music and personal life is a good idea.

If you’ve already started to build a following through existing personal social media profiles, you should decide whether you’ve crossed the point of no return.

With several thousand followers, there’s no reason to create a separate account.

But, if you’ve got a few hundred followers and half of those are friends, family, and acquaintances, you should go ahead and create separate accounts. It should only take a month or so to gain several hundred followers on your new accounts.

The reason for creating separate accounts is to get in the habit of treating your career like a business. Just like an entrepreneur, you should keep these things separate.

You don’t need your fans to have the same level of access to your personal life as your family and friends. This way, you can continue leading a normal social media life on Facebook or Twitter, while using your new accounts solely for music.

Another reason for this separation is to utilize paid advertising. With Facebook, you’ll need a Facebook business account in order to access certain features, including the insights and analytics for business pages on Facebook.

If you’re a solo artist creating separate accounts for your music, you can still use your real name, as you would with your regular account. There’s a good chance that there are already a few Facebook users with the same name anyways.

To create a distinction between the two, you could add “music” or “artist” to the end of your profile account.

#2 – Start Using Email Marketing

Along with social media, you should use email marketing. Every business needs a mailing list in order to keep customers updated with their latest developments. The same is true for artists.

To get started with email marketing, you’ve got several options. If you use WordPress, there are several plugins that will allow you to collect email addresses and build a subscriber list. Though, these plugins are often limited in features.

For a complete email marketing campaign, you should create an account with an email marketing platform. They’ll give you a few solutions for adding forms to your website to collect email addresses. This will also be needed if you plan on setting up fan magnets – or lead magnets.

The first stage in email marketing is building your mailing list. To do this, you’ll set up a form on your website or create landing pages to attract visitors.

The way that you attract visitors and get people to subscribe to your mailing list is by offering a free reward – such as a song download or access to an exclusive video.

You can then start sending out a regular newsletter to keep your subscribers updated. You can let them know about upcoming gigs and new song releases.

#3 – Submit Press Releases

Press releases help people discover your music. They’re primarily used when you have a “newsworthy” event to promote. This could be a major concert or event. You could also use a press release in order to promote an album release.

These press releases need to be written in the third-person. You’ll refer to yourself as “he” or “she”. Also, it should only contain facts. It shouldn’t be written with any hype.

For example, you would never write, “listen to their truly amazing, original music.” The words “truly” and “amazing” have no place in the press release unless they’re part of a direct quote.

Here’s a few more tips for writing an effective music press release:


Press releases can be submitted to various websites for publication. Though, the requirements will vary. Some sites have strict rules regarding the content of the press releases.

Check the sites that regularly publish music news. Or, perform an internet search for music press releases.

The press release not only helps attract attention and reaches a larger audience, it helps build backlinks to your main website.

If you don’t already have a website, you’re going to need one. It’s an important part of your entire marketing strategy.

Social media profiles can come and go – a website provides a permanent online address for your music.

#4 – Attract Attention with Content Marketing

Content marketing is a broad term that can technically be applied to nearly all forms of marketing. Basically, it involves the production of content for your targeted audience.

For most businesses, online content marketing will include blogging, video tutorials, PDF guides, and other informational content.

The idea is that you give consumers informative, helpful, or entertaining content in order to establish trust and build a stronger connection. It’s how businesses keep their customers.

Think about any of the guides or tutorials that you’ve downloaded after subscribing to a mailing list or the blog sites that you read on a regular basis. Those are examples of content marketing.

Though, you’ll need to use slightly different tactics when promoting your music.

While you could still offer tips and advice, the same as a typical online business, it’s not a requirement. Instead, you can produce content in the form of new music and music videos.

MP3s and MP4s will be your greatest source of marketing material. Music and video files are how you’ll gain subscribers, build your following and attract a larger audience.

You’ll also need to produce original content to share with your fans.

Making it easy for people to access your music and music videos through your website or by subscribing to your mailing list will help you gain and keep fans.

Get started as soon as possible and don’t stop. Internet marketing really isn’t that complicated. But, you will need to keep at it. You’ll need to consistently put out new tweets and Facebook posts.

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