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3 Examples of Free Offers to Include in Your Lead Magnet

A lead magnet, or fan magnet, is a great way to attract new listeners.

When you get people to visit your website, you want to get as many of these visitors as possible to complete an action – such as sign up to your mailing list or start following you on social media.

Though, the ultimate goal is to get them to purchase your music and merchandise. After all, online sales are a major part of being a modern musician.

You might get lucky and make ends meet playing at local bars, but online sales can really help supplement your income if you use the right music marketing techniques. This includes the use of fan magnets.

What is a Fan Magnet?

A fan magnet is an incredible offer that you present to your fans that they can’t resist. The offer is typically presented on a landing page, with the sole attention of getting people to sign up to your mailing list.

You see, in order to get the special offer, they’ll need to give you their email address. This adds them to your mailing list so that you can periodically send them updates. Each time your fans read one of these updates, they’re more likely to revisit your website and complete a purchase.

How do you create a fan magnet or lead magnet? This short video explains the basics of setting up the page. The rest of this article will help you choose the right offer.

The reason that fan magnets are so beneficial is the fact that they help you build your mailing list. Most website visitors aren’t ready to make a purchase during their initial visit. And, once they leave the site, they may forget all about their visit.

So, you need a way to remind these visitors to come back – that’s where fan magnet come in.

But, your fan magnet will not help attract new subscribers if you don’t use the right offer. Discounts on music and other sales won’t help. You need to find something that people can’t resist. They are giving you their email address and they need something in return.

Generally, the offer will be a free digital item. It’s something that they can either access online or download to their computer or phone, such as an MP3 file or a link to an exclusive music video.

Here are a few ideas to help you find the perfect offer for your fan magnet.

Exclusive MP3 Downloads or Song Access

Obviously, the easiest choice for a free offer is downloadable MP3s or access to exclusive songs on SoundCloud or another streaming platform. This could include remixed versions of songs that already available, previously unreleased tracks, or upcoming tracks that you haven’t made available to the public yet.

Since people are receiving something that they can’t get elsewhere, and they’re getting it for free, they’re more likely to provide their email address.

Exclusive Music Videos

Along these same lines as releasing exclusive music, you could offer a music video. Again, this could be a downloadable video file or an exclusive link to a private video hosted on YouTube or another streaming platform.

Downloadable PDF or eBook

One option that’s often overlooked is the creation of an eBook or downloadable PDF. Musicians may not think that they have anything to write about. But, once you choose a topic, the rest comes easy.

You could write about how you got started in music. You could create your own short guide of tips for new musicians, or you could compile a collection of interviews. The idea is to come up with a topic that you think your fans will enjoy and then make a list of subtopics to cover.

Write 250 to 500 words for each subtopic and then put it all together. If you can come up with 5 subtopics, you’ll easily have a 10-page eBook or PDF that you can offer to your fans.

The main consideration, when choosing an offer, is to remember that these people are not your die-hard fans. Your biggest fans will already follow you on social media and subscribe to your mailing list. Instead, these offers are for the people that are just casual listeners.

So, don’t assume that your offer will appeal to everyone. Imagine that you’re marketing to the general public and not your die-hard fans. For example, a music video would be more beneficial than a behind-the-scenes video, as your casual listeners will not care about the behind-the-scenes antics.

Once you choose your offer, you can start building your fan magnet. It’s not difficult. You just need to create a new web page. The entire page should be about the offer, as the entire goal is to get people to give their email address in order to receive the free offer.

Keep your content short and to the point. Break up the content with images or subheaders. And, at the very end, include a form so that people can easily provide their email address and get the free offer.


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