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What Can You Expect from an Experienced Music Manager?

A music manager can really help you with music promotion. They can handle a lot of the tasks that are required for a rising star. This doesn’t mean that they will handle absolutely everything.

There some things that a manager can do for you and some things that they cannot. Look over the following info, if you want to find out what you can expect from an experienced music manager.

You Can Expect a Lot of Contacts

An experienced music manager or prominent artist management company should have a long list of contacts. Over the years, they should have established relationships with people all across the music industry, including record executives, DJs, booking agents, advertising firms, and even other musicians.

Working with a manager that these contacts can make it easier to book gigs and promote your music. They already know who to contact and where to turn to help you succeed.

You Can Expect Professional Advice

When you work a band manager that has years of experience in the industry, it’s worth your time to listen to their advice. They’ll provide you with honest feedback related to every aspect of your career.

Of course, it’s up to you, whether or not you listen to the advice of your manager. Remember, they aren’t telling you what to do – they’re giving you advice and helping to point you in the right direction.

You Can Expect Merchandising Suggestions

Merchandising is a major part of working as an indie artist. A large chunk of your income will come from the sale of merchandise, including T-shirts, posters, and music.

An experienced manager will analyze your current products and how they’re advertised. They’ll look at your prices, sales, and website traffic. From there, they can offer suggestions to help you make more money through merchandising.

You Can Expect to Play More Gigs

A manager is supposed to help you reach your goals. They should not have their own hidden agenda. So, if you want to play more gigs, you can expect to get help booking more gigs.

As mentioned, an experienced music manager will have a good list of contacts. They’ll be able to line up gigs and plan tours. Your manager will handle the logistics so that you can remain focused on your music.

You Can Expect Solid Results

There is never a guarantee in the music industry. You never know if you’re going to reach the top of the charts or become a massive success. But, with a great manager, you can expect solid results. They can help you reach your goals.

You need to set your goals and make your manager aware of these goals. They will then begin developing a strategy. This may include booking shows, tours, or appearances. They may recommend marketing campaigns or merchandising opportunities. Basically, they are managing your music operations. For a few more ideas of what a manager will do for you, watch this fun animated video:

What Can’t You Expect from a Music Manager?

You now have a general idea of what you can expect from a music manager. But, what shouldn’t you expect? A music manager is not your boss, so you should not expect them to order you around or tell you what to do. Remember, they provide advice and suggestions – not orders.

You also can’t expect to receive a record contract simply because you hired an experienced music manager. You need to put in the hard work and establish a good act in order to get signed. While a music manager can put you in contact with a record label, it’s your music and your act that is getting the deal.

Also, music managers are not technically allowed to negotiate contracts on your behalf. They can make arrangements and provide you with advice. But, they are generally not permitted to take charge during negotiations.

Though, this is kind of a gray area, depending on the manager that you’re working with. In some cases, they may aid in the negotiation process, without directly handling the negotiation.

You Can Expect to Spend More Time Working Your Music

The purpose of hiring a manager is to allow yourself to focus on other aspects of your career. When you find yourself spending too much time dealing with the administrative and management tasks of promoting your music, then it’s time to hire a manager. They’ll take over these tasks and streamline your operations.

You should have high expectations of your music manager. They could be an important part of your team and help you reach levels of success that you haven’t dreamed of. But, you first need to hire the right manager. Use these expectations to avoid making the wrong choice.

For additional tips and secrets to hiring the best manager, check out our guide to Music Management for Indie Artists. You’ll discover professional advice for promoting your own music and reaching the point where you’ll be able to attract a great music manager.

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