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The Importance of Managing Your Career Before Hiring a Music Manager

Finding the right music manager can make a major difference in your career. But, they are not the answer to all of your problems. Before hiring a music manager, it is important for you to already know how to manage your career. You need to understand the job of a music manager and what they can and cannot do for you.

If you have yet to hire a band manager, then find out why it is so important for you to know how to manage your career.

You Need to Know What a Music Manager Does

Understanding the music industry and how to manage your own career can help you find the right manager at a later date. If you have no idea what a quality manager should be doing, then how can you determine if they are actually doing their job? This is kind of like hiring a mechanic without knowing anything about vehicles. It is easy for them to pull one over on you.

You Get to Start Your Career on Your Own Terms

One advantage of learning how to manage your career is that you can get started on your own terms. You do not have someone else giving you creative advice or trying to steer you in a different direction.

If you have not yet established a name for yourself, you are less likely to attract a top manager. You get involved with someone that is not looking out for your best interests. Early on in your career, it is important that you point yourself in the direction that you want to go.

You Can Establish Yourself as a Quality Investment

Managers work for you – helping you to succeed. But, understanding how to manage your own career can help you become a quality investment. This is not a monetary investment. You will be responsible for any expenses or costs. But, a manager does put in a major investment of time.

Before a top manager will give you their time, you need to be worth the effort. Learning more about the music industry and working on your own, or with a band, to make a name for yourself will help you with this task.

You Can Attract Better Artist Management Opportunities

Another reason for learning how to manage your own career is that you can get managers to come to you. You will have trouble finding a decent manager if you know nothing about the industry. A good manager is less likely to work with a newly formed band or an indie artist that is not yet established.

They will consider how many followers you have on social media, how much music you have put out, and any other efforts that you have already taken. They do not want to take the time to mold you into a quality act. You should already be there. They simply want to take you to the next level, not walk you through every stage of the game.

If you want a few recommendations for managing your own career, check out this video. Learn from an experienced musician what it takes to make a name for yourself without having a music manager:

When Should You Hire a Music Manager?

While you should understand the details of artist management before hiring a music manager, at some point you may need some help. So, when should you hire a music manager? The simple answer is that you should hire a manager when your music management duties are becoming too much a burden. When you start taking on more than you can handle, it could be time to find management.

By finding a music manager, you can start focusing on your music and less on the business side of things. At this point, you will already understand the responsibilities of your manager. You will know what they can help accomplish and you will be able to determine whether or not they are living up to your expectations.

Hiring a band manager is not about you not knowing what to do. It is about getting help. You should already know as much as possible about the business. Luckily, there are plenty of resources to help you out.

Find Out How to Get a Music Manager

When you are ready to take the next step and hire a manager, you should take your time. This person is going to play a major part in your life. So, you want to make the best decision.

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