Music Management Tips to Help You Become a Verified Artist on Spotify

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As part of your music management strategy, you should be uploading your music to Spotify.

While some people have complained about royalty rates, you’re probably not going to make a fortune with music streaming at this point in your career.

So, for up-and-coming artists, Spotify is a great way to get your music out there and reach more people. This is especially true once you become a verified artist.

As a verified artist, you can view analytics, easily edit your artist profile and discography, and use other resources to help grow your fan base.

But, before you can become a verified artist, you’ll need to gain 250 followers. This isn’t always easy.

It’s similar to social media marketing. You need to put forward an effort to start gaining followers. So, as part of your music management strategy, use these tips to become a verified artist on Spotify.

What Will You Need to Become Verified?

Before you start using these tips, you’ll need to create a Spotify account – if you haven’t already. It will also help if you have a Facebook account and a website.

You’ll use these resources for gaining new followers, making them an essential part of these tips. Then, you’ll start working towards your goal of acquiring 250 followers.

If you can gain 50 new followers each month, you’ll reach your goal in just 5 months. So, get started…

Convert Website Visitors into Spotify Followers

Your first step will be to make it easy for website visitors to find your music on Spotify. You can include a Spotify Follow Button or a Spotify Play Button. The “follow” button will let visitors follow your Spotify account without leaving your site. The play button lets you embed songs on your site.

Another option is to include an embedded Spotify player on your website. Basically, you want to use these various options to include Spotify features throughout your website. As you gain website visitors, you’ll begin to attract new Spotify followers.

Let Your Mailing List Know About Your Spotify Account

You’ll also want to let your mailing list know about your Spotify account.

If you don’t already have an email marketing plan, you should set it up as soon as possible. Building a mailing list lets you keep your fans updated in a more efficient way than social media.

You can then send mass emails letting your subscribers know about new music releases, upcoming shows, and other updates. You’ll send these email newsletters out on a regular schedule, such as once or twice per month on the same day of the week.

Inside these email newsletters, you can remind your subscribers to check out your music on Spotify. This friendly reminder can occasionally be repeated through your social media accounts.

The idea is that this repetition will eventually lead a greater percentage of your fans to listen to your music on Spotify and then start following you.

Use Paid Advertising to Promote Your Spotify Music

You can use paid advertising to reach more people. This is more affordable than you might think. For just a few dollars per day, you can reach thousands of people.

Use these ads to direct internet users to a landing page on your website where you include all your Spotify info – including a Spotify player and a follow button. You always want to make it as easy as possible to start following you.

If you’ve never used paid ads, then take a moment to watch this short video about Facebook advertising. It’s one of the most affordable options for paid advertising:

Create Your Own Playlists to Share with Followers

You should also create your own playlists. This includes a combination of playlists featuring your own music and playlists featuring your favorite songs – what you’re listening to. Every time you create a new playlist, don’t forget to mention it in your email newsletters and social media posts.

Create a Digital Signature Containing a Spotify Link

Digital signatures are preset messages that go at the end of your email. Basically, they provide a way to quickly add your contact info at the end of each email. You can include links to your main social media profiles, your website, and your Spotify music.

Create a digital signature using your email client. This option is typically found in the settings and is easy to setup. Don’t include too many links in your signature. Limit yourself to 3 to 4 links.

Continue Releasing New Music

The final step is to continue releasing new music. This will help you continue to attract new followers, while also helping you retain your existing followers. If you’re not active, existing followers may go away.

If there is one main message to take away from these tips – you need to remain active. You need to keep releasing music, let people know about your Spotify account, and keep your fan base up to date about new releases.

Using these tips should help you reach 250 followers in 5 months or less. Before long, you’ll be a verified artist on Spotify.

For more tips, don’t forget to check out our guide – Music Management for Indie Artists.

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