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4 Tips for Getting a Music Manager to Come to You

You should not have to search out the right music manager. If everything goes as planned, you should have people coming to you. How do you achieve this? By putting in a lot of hard work.

There is a good chance that you do not yet need a band manager. In fact, you shouldn’t hire a manager until you really need one. Until then, you should be the one in charge of advancing your music career. If you are able to become your own manager, you will have greater success getting a great music manager to come to you.

So, here is a selection of tips for getting a music manager to come to you. They all revolve around steps that you should take now in order to begin establishing a name for yourself.

#1 – Create an Active Following in Your Hometown

The first tip is to create an active following in your hometown. Do everything that you can in order to gain recognition in your home base.

While hitting the road and playing venues in the surrounding area can help you gain attention, a major focus should be placed on captivating a following in your hometown.

Get involved in your local music scene. You should know all the local stations and spend time checking out other acts. Support your local scene and become a part of the local musical community. The people that are on top locally are typically the first ones to make it out of their hometown.

#2 – You Need a Good Live Act and Following

Beyond your hometown, you are also going to need to establish a following. Balance your schedule between local gigs and hitting the road. Building a loyal fan base is only achieved by getting out there and having a good live performance.

Sure, you could promote your music online. But, with the abundance of instantly available music, it is hard to break out without establishing a concrete fan base.

Both of these first tips involve performing. You need to book gigs. This is a good learning experience. You need to understand what it takes to book gigs and learn more about the booking process. You will become familiar with the negotiations and performance fees. This all goes towards teaching yourself how to manage your own career before hiring a music manager.

#3 – Start Building an Online Presence

Along with live performances, you will have to make an effort to establish an online presence. You need to be active on social media. Regularly post on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Combine two or three different social media platforms to reach a larger portion of the public. Make sure that one of these platforms if Facebook.

For addition tips on building an online following, check out this YouTube video posted by Seeds of Music. It includes detailed steps for growing your online fan base.

When you do attract the attention of a music manager, if they are interested, they will search for you online. They will search your name, or the name of your band, and see what comes up on social media. If you have a large following, then they know you are actively pursuing a career.

#4 – Keep Doing It Yourself Until You Can’t

As a final tip, you need to keep doing it yourself until you can’t. That is the goal. You need to become your own manager and take your career into your own hands. Learn more about the business. Along the way, you will learn how things work. You will know how to book gigs, how to get radio play, how to promote yourself online, and how to negotiate. These are all skills that will pay off in the long run.

Music promotion and music management both require experience. The manager that you end up with is investing their time to help you succeed. They want to work with people that understand the music industry.

Continue doing it all on your own. You will know when to take the next step and hire a music manager when you can no longer handle the responsibilities of managing your own career. When you are too busy to find gigs, make arrangements, and deal with the other challenges of making a name for yourself – you will get a music manager to come to you.

Put these tips into practice. You need to promote yourself and book gigs. You need to learn more about the music industry if you are going to attract the right type of manager.

There is a lot that goes into artist management. Learning more about the music industry firsthand is the best way to understand what a music manager can and cannot do. You will understand what you should be looking for in the right manager.

Along with these simple tips, you should check out our guide for indie artists. Improve your knowledge of artist management with 22 insider strategies.

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