How Can an Artist Biography Help You Gain Recognition and Build Your Fan Base?

Artist Biography

There are many ways to reach out and grow your fan base. As a musician, you are only as successful as the public allows you to be. This means making sure that your music gets heard. But, how can the general public find your music?

By sending out an electronic press kit, including an artist biography, potential fans can learn more about you and the music that you create. Use online resources to boost your recognition.

If you are struggling to build your fan base or are just starting out in the music industry, then learn how to use an artist biography to your advantage.

What Does a Music Biography Include?

What is an artist biography? Essentially, it is a short bio that includes general information about background and accomplishments – as well as your overall goals for your music. They are short, to the point, and easy to read. They are often the first impression you give to A&R reps, booking agents, record labels, and various media contacts.

Artist Bios Include Basic Info

An artist bio is not the same as an autobiography. It is not your entire life story. It should be focused on a few specific areas and can then be included as part of an electronic press kit, or EPK. They generally start with an intro sentence detailing your name (or the name of your bandmates if you are part of a group), along with the genre of music that you create.

Promote Your Current Music Activities

The next section explains what you are doing right now. Are you working on a new album? Are you currently getting ready for a tour? Basically, you immediately grab the reader’s attention with your opening paragraph and then offer info about your current projects.

Summarize Your Background

The final section of the music biography could summarize key moments in your life or developments that led to where you are today. This may include past bands and musicians that you have worked with, defining moments or locations where you have lived.

Basically, the artist biography needs to give readers a sense of your personality and the type of music that you create. They are short bios that are primarily used for promotional purposes.

What are the Benefits of a Compelling Music Biography?

So, why do you need a music biography? As mentioned, they are often used in electronic press kits. Along with your bio, an artist press kit will often include photographs, contact information, discography, and several tracks. If the kit is being given to a music venue, then you may also include an equipment list.

Bios are Sent to People Within the Music Industry

These EPKs can be sent to music managers, promoters, booking agents, record labels, and other people within the recording industry. It helps get your name out there. It saves people time. Record executives do not want to visit your website or search for your band on Facebook. They want a simple package that they can use to evaluate your band or your solo act.

You Can Add Your Bio to Your Website

EPKs and artist biographies can also be used in a public setting. You can post your artist bio on your website or create a Rovi ID and submit your bio to the Rovi Database – which is used by Spotify for updating artist bios and pictures.

A Quality Music Biography Will Leave a Lasting Impression

A compelling music biography will quickly grab the attention of the reader. Whether your bio is being read by someone in the music industry or a potential fan, it needs to make an impact. It should leave a lasting impression so that they remember you among the thousands of artists they come across throughout the week.

Having a biography that really grabs attention and paints an accurate picture of your personality and style is an essential step in becoming a professional musician. You should put thought into what you want to include. Consider the information listed above. Think about the items that matter most to you. This could include your influences, why you got started in music and other details that people will find fascinating.

The ultimate goal of an artist biography is to explain who you are in as few words as possible. Remember, this is not a detailed autobiography – it is a short summary of who you are as an artist.

Get Help Creating a Professional Artist Biography

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