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Are you always looking for new ways to get your music heard?
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  • Learn to avoid the costly mistakes and pitfalls within the music industry and get instant, personalized music career advice

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Get Unlimited Submissions To Licensing Opportunities Each Month

Other companies charge up to $5 for each submission. ArtistPR members can submit their tracks freely. PLUS - We'll reveal the 2 things you MUST DO before you submit your tracks to increase your chances of scoring music licensing deal…

Gain Instant Access To 28,093 Music Industry Professionals

You'll be able to quickly find music supervisors, music publishers, A&R reps, managers, record labels, radio, press, associations, bookings and more… PLUS --> We’re adding more contacts daily!

Download 101+ Music Legal Contracts

Protect yourself legally. Access our music contracts, written by top entertainment attorneys that cost thousands of dollars to create.

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Billy Rowe Billy Rowe, JetBoy

ArtistPR was fast and very effective!! They distributed our Press Release to thousands of music magazines, radio stations & ezines all around the planet!!! We secured an amazing amount of interviews and reviews just by using the services of ArtistPR! If you are looking to be noticed, I highly recommend using ArtistPR to any Artist or Musician out there ! If you are serious about getting your music exposed to radio and press, contact ArtistPR & they will get the job done right!!! Rock N’ Roll!!

J. Swift J. Swift, Pharcyde

ArtistPR is dope as @%^&, I had no idea there was so many places to promote, market and sell our music. This would be a great tool for any artist or label trying to promote their music.

Dave Thomas Dave Thomas, Doomfoxx

ArtistPR was instrumental in getting the word out for us in new territories. Straight up and easy to deal with, they reached the people that matter!

H.R. H.R., Lead singer of The Bad Brains (the pioneers of hardcore punk)

Jah Bless you ArtistPR You are the ultimate marketing tool for Bands and Independent Artists. This is the best promotional tool for Artists and bands I have seen in my 20 plus years in the music business.