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Whit3 E Capone


Hip Hop


Woodstock, Georgia, United States


  1. He is a rapper with divine sense of wordplay, and a voice that catches most fans by surprise when he steps behind a microphone. Equipped with a out of this world sense of perspective, emotionally driven passion, and unrelenting can do attitude. This artist has revolutionized a sound for himself from a combination of displaced anger and delightful compassion. He is ONE OF A KIND in every sense of the word. Growing up in White Suburb, assuming the role of the “Black Sheep” of his family, incaged by rejection, lonliness, and a unremarkable desire for attention Eminem and tupac quickly became the the outlet for the rage that embodied this rising star. Shunned By society, and  devastated by a constant struggle and drug abuse, he turned a lifetime of negatives into his favor by embarking on his quest for stardom. This lyrical master mind has spent the past decade battling to bring the lost art of hip hop back from the dead, refusing to sell out and conform to the Mediocre ethics of main stream rap today. this is one artist to keep your eyes on as he is set establish his name in history