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Tony AFX, a California native born in Los Angeles, has been involved in music since he was a child. At the age of 7, he sung in the choir at church. As he grew up, his interest turned to playing drums, which he did in the marching band in junior high. At the same time, he started to beat box, which he became very skilled at, earning himself a good reputation. In 1986, his family moved to Pomona, California during his sophomore year of high school. Soon after, he joined the choir and started deejaying. Tony AFX deejayed for two groups, Two Def Creations and Chill & The Wiz, and became interested in learning how to play keyboards and producing. In 1988, Tony AFX, along with two friends, started an music organization called P.I.E. (Posse In Effect then changed to Pomona’s Insane Empire). That same year, Tony AFX met Steven Hicks also known as Big Steve, and was given business and musical guidance. Tony AFX’s musical talents became more focused and produced tracks for artists in the organization and independent. Tony AFX became one of the main producers in the organization as well as his own group, 1st Brigade. In 1993, after the break up of 1st Brigade, Tony AFX, along with his brother, Mad Man Smooth, and Mr. Doja formed the group IV L.I.F.E.. In 2000, Tony AFX and Mad Man Smooth started Sweat Shop Recordings, an independent record label, which has released a total of 15 CDs to date.


Tony AFX has expanded his skills to producing a wide range of genres. These genres include Rap, Hip Hop, Funk, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Reggae, Techno, House, Scoring, and a little Salsa. Being of a bi-racial background, Black & Puerto Rican, he has been exposed to a wide range of music growing up, fueling his constant journey to learn more and more musical styles.


“My main focus is to keep building my skills to reflect the different types of music I listened to growing up.”, says Tony AFX. “I listened to music from The Temptations, The Gap Band, and Led Zeppelin to The Police, Cindy Lauper, and Prince as well as jazz. I try to keep my mind open to all kinds of music. Since I am a true musician, I have learned to appreciate all types of music…even those I don’t personally buy. When I buy CDs, I like to look for unknown artists. I like to hear what’s going on in the underground scene. I also pick up CDs from unknown artists by word of mouth. What I have come to believe over the years is that those who do music because they really love music will eventually succeed. Those who do music just for the money will fall off. Some are lucky enough to be in it for the money and become successful. But, they usually don’t last long. You have to have love for the music to think you are going to be in it for a long time. The reason why I do music is because I love music. I will be doing music whether I am rich or poor. I just love music. Always have…Always will!”


Tony AFX’s music and skills definitely make a statement to those who hear it. The statement is that he is here to stay and shows longevity in this industry. He’s definitely got skills and he definitely will make a statement!



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