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Proper Einstein




Swainsboro Ga, United States


The Georgia native Alex Brown, a.k.a. “Proper Einstein”, takes the world of Electronic Dance Music to another level by combining it with Hip-Hop in a genre that he calls “Hip-No”. His passion for music started when he attend Swainsboro middle school where he began to play the trombone. In high school, he took a break from music and began to run track and cross-country. After finishing high school, he attended Albany State University in Albany http://propereinstein.com/index.php/bio/Georgia where he began to study engineering. It was then that his passion for music returned. “Studying for my classes was difficult to me because I would rather dance or make a beat”, says Proper. After realizing that music was his gift, he left Albany State University to pursue his dreams. Now Proper is an Independent “Musical Genius”. He produces, engineers, writes, performs, shoots his videos, etc, all on his own. His latest project “Welcome To My Feelings”, was released in July of 2015 on datpiff.com. He now has an album entitled “The Musical Genius”, which was released on Itunes and Google Play in January of 2016.


Proper Einstein started producing music when he attended Albany State University. He started out recording music with his friends on a 1o inch laptop with using only the laptop’s built-in microphone. His original group was called the 402 Crew, because of his college dorm’s room number. There was not a specific break-up for the group but it was college so people graduated and moved away. Proper’s name was given to him by a childhood friend because of his correct grammar during speech. Einstein was later attached to his name because he is like a musical genius who produces all genres. He also engineers and films himself. He is greatly influenced by, The Weekend, Micheal Jackson, Currensy, Prince, Kanye West, Zaytoven, and many more proffesionals. Proper Einstein knew that he was destined for greatness when he performed for the first time at a local Gospel show in his hometown.

Proper Einstein


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