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Toni Turi




Madrid, Spain



Toni Turi was born in Taranto, Apulia, one of Italy’s southern regions on the 27th March 1968, since the tender age of six years he began a football career in the amateur divisions and thereafter he achieved a higher national diploma as an electrical industrial engineer. At the age of 19 he decides to leave Italy following his diploma at the college  Pacinotti, and he decides to go abroad to study and work as he understood that Italy help no exciting future for young people, he refused permanent job offers from SIP (former Italian telecommunication company) and Enel (current Italian Power Supply company) because he sees no horizons.

He already wants to go global by that time, since those days he realized that sooner or later the world would be globalized. At the time, he had a passion for music but having started his engineering studies, he also had hopes to play professional football, this regrettably never happened.

He graduated in mechanical engineering in London exclusively at his own expense, then once he became registered as an Associate Engineer at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in London he began to travel around the world on industrial plants working and living in countries like Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Algeria , Spain, Kazakhstan, Oman, Mexico, Singapore and even Italy with Total and Glaxo Smith Kline.

The singing was a hobby that he practiced seldom, but it begins like a joke as he bought an amplifier for vocalists in an music shop in Rome in 2007 in order to filling some evenings with some entertainment, when he lived in Fregene, near Rome for work commitment. He meets a friend who is a drummer who was also a photographer for the family  Benetton, he also lived in Fregene, and began to practice music with him in the winter. Then during corporate parties organized by Total, the French oil company with which he worked, he was always the first to go on stage when there were musicians or DJ.

The turning point came just when he relocated to Kazakhstan in order to work with the AGIP on the Kashagan project in 2010. Once Toni lands in this country he sees that in almost all the night clubs and bars they had audio equipment for live music such as amplifiers, mixers, boofers. Then he realized that Kazakh people love and know the Italian music very well, apparently during the Soviet era they were only allowed to watch the Sanremo Festival and during that time singers like Albano and Romina Power, Toto Cutugno, Pupo, Riccardo Fogli, Ricchi and Poveri became myths.

When people of Atyrau saw that Toni was Italian they asked him if he could sing Neapolitan songs and also those of the artists mentioned above, he began performing for fun with a great local musician named Muslim who knew the Italian melodies like his pockets and accompanied him in small exhibitions around Atyrau with its magical qualities of musician who can play any instrument.

During summer 2012 he meets by chance Son Pascal in the seaside city of Kazakhstan, Aktau, he is a young Italian musician from Salerno, then he visits him in Almaty and he helped Toni recording the Neapolitan song Dicitencello Vuje, which represents the first music studio recording by Toni Turi.

Toni Turi begins from January 2013 to take vocal coaching at the musical academy of Atyrau, the results begin to show up. The voice develops power and colour and begins to be prepared for stage performances.

In 2012 he meets in Almaty an Italian musician equipped with a beautiful voice named Augusto Amicucci. He plays in a luxury restaurant Italian and allows Toni to casually perform live into his restaurant several times.

During summer 2013 Augusto Amicucci agrees to compose a song for Toni Turi titled Amo Te, a song that seemed appropriate to the musical taste of Kazakhstan, after 3 months of work between specimens, arrangements and recordings Toni decides to make a super musical video clip with a similar budget of the great artists. Soon after its publication in you tube, a large number of newspapers, TV and radios in Kazakhstan and Italy immediately go balistic with the news as nobody had never done anything like this.

In 2014 Toni Turi performs at the Atyrau’s Drama Theatre (550 seats) in two Italian music concerts, soon after he also performs with Pupo during his concert at the Almaty Republic Palace in front of a crowd of 2,500 people.

During 2014 Toni Turi returns to its base in Madrid and begins to manage the production of its first CD made in  Italian language that is named after the legendary Kazakh song Balkadisha, an old song in Kazakh arranged with an orchestral version, the songs on the CD that Toni Turi has produced track by track have been worked in between  Italy and Spain, with the final recording in Madrid. The recorded songs immediately revealed extreme quality with superb melodies and arrangements and were immediately appreciated and praised by all top music professionals in Spain.

The CD was officially presented to the media during the 65th Sanremo Festival on the 13th February 2015 in a yacht at the Harbour Porto Sole of Sanremo, the CD was equally appreciated by the music professional present at the San Remo historical event and as a result Toni Turi received a diploma for his artistic achievements, and one of his songs from his CD was selected to be included into the prestigious Sanremo DOC 2015 Compilation 2015. Besides this he was awarded with the title of Ambassador of Italian Art in the world for Sanremo DOC.


The legendary CD Balkadisha will initially be promoted in Spain. With Balkadisha, it’s the first time that an Italian artist promotes an Italian CD abroad.


Balkadisha – February 2015

Las Calles Del Mundo – December 2017



The New Godfather Of Italian Music Lands In The U.S.A. For The First Time Ever…At The 22nd Festival Of Song In Brooklyn, NYC !!


A Powerful Brand New Single Masterminded In Rome Is About To Globally Smash The Pop-Rock Music Arena On The 29th Jan 2017


Il Padrino of Italian Music at last lands on our stages. He definitely made himself wait. For the last few months he has been captivating radio gurus and DJs on the Spanish radios and performed showcases for the few privileged. His music will have been Italy’s best kept secret up until the 29 Jan 2017. On that date the singer Toni Turi will then be presented, for the first time and exclusively, to the American fans, at the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn, NYC where the 22nd edition of the Festival of Song will he held.


I privilege pop melodic and pop rock music genre styles with frequent orchestral arrangements injections, and I pay special attention to the lyrics and melodies that must be highly catchy from the very first few notes…every new track I make aims at entering the hearts and souls of the fans” says Toni Turi while recounting on the repercussion that his first album  Balkadisha has achieved so far. Having received an “artistic merit” award at the San Remo D.O.C. annual show during the 2015 San Remo festival, and also in 2016 where he was the testimonial of “Cantando Sanremo 2016” – his music captured the attention of other countries such as Gambia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Romania or Russia, where the media have continuously been echoing his activities. “Mine is music without frontiers, my songs endeavour to speak directly to people so that they easily identify themselves with them” adds the singer.


The amazing story behind this man is truly remarkable, his arrival to music was by pure chance: “In the early days I was a promising soccer player, then I graduated in the U.K. as a professional engineer. Due to my work, I had to live in several countries around the world, I noticed that Italian music of all kinds was very well liked by everyone, but almost no Italian artists reached these places to perform, unlike American or English pop stars, with some exceptions, i.e. Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini or Andrea Bocelli.” So his fascinating journey officially began in June 2013.


On his American debut, Toni Turi will be a special guest at the Festival of Song in New York, and will sing live for the 1st time ever his new single “Oltre L’Orizzonte” (Over the Horizon), this track will be one of the leading songs of Toni Turi’s next album and is promising to take the world by surprise for its exuberant rhythm and eye catching melody….one of those tracks resembling the pop rock sound of the 80s that sadly you don’t hear anymore these days.


The Festival of Song takes place every year in NYC, this year it’ll celebrate its 21st birthday. The event has been twinned with Italy’s “Festival Cantamare” that was founded in 1978 by its current art director Gianni Contino, a charismatic Sicilian musician from Palermo, Sicily. During the 80s this festival was very popular in Italy as it competed with the likes of San Remo and Castrocaro. Major international artists such Patty Bravo, Zucchero, Mia Martini and Gianni Morandi are known to have performed at the Cantamare during that time.


To conclude, Toni comments on what he expects from the American fans: “A great feedback. Whilst living in the digital era, through my innovative music I am trying to update the beautiful sounds of the 70s and 80s…these sounds have been missing for too long now. It’s time to bring fresh blood into music…to touch the lives of people all over the world again. Since last year many people listened to my songs and they all reacted beautifully. I hope that something similar happens in New York”.


Sunday, 29 January 2017 at 3pm – Grand Prospect Hall

263 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA

Reservations: +1 718-788-0777