Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Thomas Patton, Canadian Singer.Songwriter from Toronto, Ontario Canada.  Thomas credits his mother with his stage persona “TomCattt” for she was big on nick names for those she held closest to her heart.  TomCattt’s music is best described as easy listening,  sometimes retro, yet with a contemporary feel.  Accompanied by the creative tracks of a number of gifted musicians, TomCattt’s first album “Hiiyaaaaaaaaaaa” inspires imagination and finds a way to impress with a unique vocal sound, compelling harmony and gripping melody.  Currently, TomCattt’s enthusiasm for writing has rendered 8 new songs for his next musical project entitled “Sinophilia” and he is heavily involved in the day to day business of Hiiyaaaaaaaaaaa.​ TomCattt has always dabbled in photography and over the last several years videography. TomCattt’s very popular visual interpretation of his original music can be seen on his Youtube and Vevo Channels; namely, “Yes Love”, “The Hurt”; “Yes Love (Official)”; “I’m So Slow”; “Not Your Toy”, “Trust Not (Lyric Video)”,  “Shapeshifter (Official)” and soon to be released “You Know (Official).  .TomCattt’s latest single release:,”You Know (Extended Mix)”, explores the Shrodinger’s Cat like state of a failing love affair with conflicted desire and insecurity. The music contrasts the lyrics. It is up, happy and confident rock and roll. Together the words and music wrap together like Yin and Yang.


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