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TJ Projekt


Groove, Pop, RnB


Columbia SC


TJ Projekt is Tiffany Josey (Singer, Rapper, Dancer) and Producer Devon from Columbia SC (home of Diamond selling Hootie and the Blowfish). We came into this 5 months ago with the mindset to make an album that could affect CHANGE in the music industry. It seems there are so many sound a likes in the industry today. Back in the day you had so many different voices having hits (ie Al Green, Barry White, Aretha Franklin, EWF etc) But now we are homoginized. TJ projekt introduces new styles combined with old flavors. Our song “System” (1st cut on album) is our perfect example of what we are about…..Great hooks, tight music and a song you can’t get out your mind. Listen to us and see if you can get us out your mind……..


Tiffany Josey is a reknowned singer, dancer, rapper and actress. She’s particpated in projects with VH1 and been a Doritos girl. Born in Sumter SC, Tiffany has aspirations to be the NEXT BIG THING

Devon is a member of the group Soul Unique. Having won several awards for producing the group, Devon lends his talents to this amazing project and is now also a member of TJ Projekt

Fact Sheet

Tiffany Josey

Finals, VH1 Dance off, Doritos Girl, Got to final rounds of Top Model auditions, Creator of TJ’s Dance exercise,


Winner 3 SC Music awards for producing SU, Particpant in Dodge Dart challenge, Particpant in ATL TUB band challenge,






TJ Projekt     TJ Projekt    album

Tiffany Josey Rainy Dayz

Tiffany Josey Dancin in tha Mirror

Soul Unique (Devon)

Lyric Sheet

Gotta Man lyrics
Raise your hands
Get em up
Raise your hands
Raise your hands
Put em up

Raise your hands if you got a man
Back on the scene
with another master plan
keeping it real got no time to chill
listen up ladies, come on here’s the deal uh
if a dude wanna step to you
shut him down asap in front of his crew
let him know you ain’t feeling the vibe
hands up step back,
now it’s time to ride
look if you ain’t feelin the flow
sit back boo relax and enjoy the show
next up got no time for games
been there done that and man
it’s all the same
just a girl tryna study her rhymes
 my favorite rapper
was busta rhymes
homeboy got no time for you
listen up ladies you know what to do!
Raise your hands if you can,
If you gotta man (Repeat 3x)
Bridge (Man)
 Gotta man, she say she gotta man (Repeat 4x)
Bridge (Woman)
I Gotta man (Repeat 6x)
Why can’t you b cool?
Verse 1
 I want all my Shit back
I stepped on the scene
You think I wouldn’t find out?
I gotta tell you something
Looka here you don’t know who you talking too
You ran over me too long
I won’t take it I’m through with you
All the lying, you left me so many times
Why can’t you be cool
We was never in it together
How could you treat me this way?
Why can’t you be cool with me
Like I was cool with you (Repeat 4x)
Verse 2
You know why I’m telling you this?
Because I love you!!!
“Yeah I said it”!
But I can’t stick around  my dignity won’t let me
You ain’t nothing but a manipulator
I shouldn’t of never gave you the chance
You know what? I’m so through with you
Oooh, you laughing? You think it’s funny?
I’m trying to imagine life without you,
(You so sorry)
I still can’t see it right now,
You had the best thing that a guy can get
(but one day)
“Yeah I said it”!
I was too cool with you,
 now I’m so through
Why can’t you be cool with me? “Why”?
I’mma fly girl
You’ll neva get another!
I’mma Supastar Babe
I’mma Supastar You know (Repeat 2x)
Paparazzi crashing, camera’s flashing
Rocking on the da floor got my
Stunna shades on
Confetti in the air, ain’t nobody in the chair
Looking glamorous, we living life lavish
Lights are shining brighter than the morning sun
Drinks on me, everybody put your hands up
And we’re partying, till the twilight dawn
Rolling with me
You betta get your weight up
Chorus (4x)
A party going over this way!
You wanna hit it in the Worst, Worst way
Fendi bags gotcha feeling my sway
Champayne pour it up let’s drink
To the ladies this is a celebration
Turn it up we about to get wasted
Living the dream, me and my team
It’s time to take it to extremes
Rainy Dayz
Rainy dayz have all gone away
You left me boy
By myself
 I can’t imagine, how I feel
If you would ever leave me boy
Verse 1:
Lying here, all alone
bind to mend the pieces of my heart
oh, so unsatisfied
I wish you were here with me
Boy, the days are long and the nights are cold
I’m here waiting for a call or something
(but it’s over, it’s over now)
I want you here with me
By my side
Chorus: (Repeat)
Since you left me
So confused, I’m crying inside
And I don’t know what to do
Boy, you know I can’t take the pain
The tears are rolling down
Why haven’t you called?
I’m patiently waiting
But I love you
I want you boy, I wish you cared for me
Like I DO!
Crazy Girlz
They call me crazy girl
If you liking what you see
Won’t you come and be with me
They call me crazy girl
If you can’t deny it
Come ‘on won’t you come try it
Gotta be sexy
If you wanna know me
Living in the world
They call me crazy girl
Shaking on the line
I’mma tell you one more time
Come ‘on you can call me Crazy (Repeat 4x)
All the girls around the world ( Repeat 4x)
Go Crazy (Repeat 4x)
They call me crazy girl, I like it
Would neva try to hide it
That’s just me, how I’m supposed to be
I’mma be me, despite of your opinion
Damn, didn’t I told you I was a winner
My derriere
Shaking faster in the mirror
I can’t stop my Ass from being a looking glass
My craziness is sane, now what’s my damn name
The next move I make please call it insane in the midbrain.
Only For U
Verse 1:
You were all I prayed for
Who could give me more
How could I be so careless
In an out my door
You know my love was tru
Only for U
 Verse 2:
My life was so amazing
Till I met you boy
You came into my world
And played me like a toy
You know my love was tru
Only for U
Boy, you know that I want you in my arms
You da one I’m feeling baby come give me your charms
I’m feeling you, I’m needing you
Baby I’m so caught up and I just don’t know what to do
Got me lost in my feelings
I’m so ashamed
Ashamed cuz you won’t give me the title of your last name
Call me your mommy, daddy
And I’mma call you my poppy
Don’t go on life without me,
My heart is in your hands
Oh won’t you come and give us a chance you’re my man
Feel Me
In my System
Boy, you in my system
(You in my system)
How can I resist it?
(You in my system)
We’ve been friends for a while
But it’s cool though
 I neva thought that we would kick it on the down low
You were my homie,
My lover, my friend,
The way you do it got a girl standing here in tears
I’m say the only girl you once adored
I neva met a guy like you in my life before
Now check it you in my system
Eventhough I neva kissed ya
Loving the way I missed em
Now I’mma straight diss him
You lied, you full of ish
Get the uck up outta here
Who you think you playing wit
I told you I don’t play that ish
TJ don’t play no games
What the uck you think
I’m lame you were honored to know my name
Now whose the one to blame, blame
Repeat (chorus)
Boy you know you’re in my System (Repeat 4x)
So, So hott
I love the way you do it (Repeat 2x)
You know the way you do it makes me
Scream and shout
I love the way you do it
Boy you’re so, so hott
I remember the day like it was yesterday
When you left me in a trans as you walked my way
Beautiful smile and you’re nice brown eyew
Butterflies, I can’t help but take of some of your time I mean
Come on dude your swaggers outta this world
My momma neva raised me to be a material girl
Loving you’re moves
Feeling you’re groove
Don’t mean to be rude
I’m just loving every little thing that you do
You know?
(Repeat Rap half way)
Wit your sexy little attitude
Don’t mean to waste your time but I’m feeling you
Baby the way you move got me in the mood
I love your sexy little attitude
Up in here too!!
 You up in here too! (Repeat 4x)
Verse 1
To the left don’t try to lie
I stepped on the scene and you’re busted
You lost a good girl soon you’ll see
Thank you for keeping me posted
You told me you were hanging out with your friends
But if I never knew it
 you would do it all over again
And it’s funny I believe your lies
 Now it’s time for me to say boy bye
And I still can’t believe
I’m shocked to see
 You know I’m through
If you want her go get her
Cut it, cut it, cut it cut it, cut it, cut it cut it
Verse 2
To the left don’t try to lie
I stepped on the scene and you’re busted
You lost a good girl soon you’ll see
Thank you for keeping me posted
The love that I thought we had wasn’t real
Oh baby, why’d you go and play me for something
That wasn’t real
Verse 3
Keep it going don’t turn around
You played yourself I’m disgusted
Tell me why you didn’t pick a dime
You take that nickel and bust it
The love that I thought we had wasn’t real
Oh baby, why’d you go and play me for something
That wasn’t real
And it’s funny I believed your lies
Now it’s time for me to say boy bye


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