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The Goldilocks Enigma




Arnaudville, LA, USA



16 years in music industry working in touring bands, indie music club booking and promotion.

Now singer/songwriter, vocalist, bassist, drummer, recording engineer, and producer for The Goldilocks Enigma a Christian Rock husband and wife music ministry devoted to writing uplifting music designed to exalt and exhort.


Long history of booking and touring in independent rock bands in the New Orleans area.  After a change of heart and a realization of more to life than “I” and “Me” I made a location move to force a change.  Influences are acquired from everyday life, love, pain, heartache, and  a need to see other human beings awaken from The Matrix.  Presently writing, self-recording, producing, and mastering in a hidden bunker in the deep south of Louisiana.  The style of music is Christian Rock but crosses through multi-genres seamlessly.


Bread & Circuses (c) 2013

Songs For The Broken (c) 2014

If Not Now.., Then.., When? (c) 2016

Lyric Sheet


Babbling Speechless
(1 Corinthians 14:2 +)
1.  I open my mouth..,
I never really say anything..,
Maybe an unwritten language..,
May be just darkness reigns..,

Don’t care what Paul has to say..,
It makes me feel.., really thrilled..,
I am “more holier” today..,
When I’m kundalini spirit filled..,

2. I’ve opened my ears..,
I never really hear anything..,
It may be a dog bark on the floor..,
Maybe a gray haired lady..,

Laughing never really hurt anyone..,
Jerking spasms for a while…,
When they help me up off the floor..,
Kundalini spirit hands me a smile…,

Those who speak out in tongues.., edify themselves…,
He who prophesies with words.., edifies the church..,

3. I’ve opened my heart..,
But I never know what occupies..,
Maybe after thorough repentance..,
The Holy Spirit will visit for awhile..,

I’m feeling I should babel along..,
This carpet’s plush.., Oh!.., It’s my favorite song..,
The pastor does.., shouldn’t I?…,
You should all drop & lie here with me awhile..,



Ear to Ear smile, Upon your profile, Misleading poses.., confusing online,
Who knows whats inside, till it spills out,
Friends don’t know you.., can’t see whats inside, What eats at you always..,Day in and Day out,
Till your alone.., &.., then it spills out..,
You draw the curtains, write your goodbyes., Hope all will realize,
You were quiet screaming loud, Hold it in tight, Now it spills out.,
The razor’s edge can, be halted., by He who already died.., & ascended into the sky..,
Proclaim His name & Let it spill out..,

He’ll never leave you.., Right where He finds you lying..,
The load He’ll take from you.., Proclaim His name aloud.., Yeah..,
He’ll mend all your sorrows, into an armored coat & righteous heart.,
He’ll take your pain from you.., Yahweh.., Father.., Yahweh.., Father..,

#2  Habits straining..,beloved all cry.., Another bottle upside down..,
Forgotten how to smile.., A new one opened.., & now it spills out..,
Your only hurting., those around you.., seducing spirits., bring mad frowns..,
& rolling blackouts.., A new one launches & now it spills out..,
Regretful pleadings., stack the wall high.., Suitcase packed, comes no surprise..,
You have blackened yet another eye.., oh how.., Now it spills out..,
Again you promise.., to be the last time.., No hidden bottles., clean out your house..,
Looming storm clouds.., Seek liquid refuge., & now it spills out..,

Here I am.., crying knees bent.., outstretched arms.., Here I am oh Yahweh,
Save My soul.., cut these chains & dry my crying heart..,

#3  The point it pierces, delivers your high, within the stars you fly..,
Till you come crashing down.., when you awaken., then it spills out..,
Dark circles., revealing your eyes.., Hide by day.., exist twilight..,
Tourniquet another round.., releasing slowly.., & then it spills out..,
Your former life seems., a lost vision.., Lost your husband., lost your wife..,
The demons chase you round.., then your cornered., & then it spills out..,
You’ve traded once known.., each time a gamble.., takes more for you to fly..,
Try to stay above the clouds…, Sooner or later.., The end will spill out..,



The Goldilocks Enigma – Husband and Wife – Christian Rock – Contemporary Rock.