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Spicy Tempo


Electronica, House



I am a music artist/composer of electronic dance music, house and chill electronic music from the San Francisco Area.  My music features the ‘get up and dance’ and ‘hit the dance floor’ driving energy and groove of bass, drums and percussion mixed with lilting tones of guitars, strings, synth, pan flutes, and piano.


I started my music journey playing guitar with the pop group ‘The Thunders’ appearing on TV and at clubs and concerts. Branching off on my own I performed at concerts and events in the San Francisco Area before deciding to focus on working on my own compositions. The results were two albums ‘Cool Spice’ and ‘Mirror of Dreams’, a video ‘Silver Lining’ followed by a single and video ‘Garland’.

I am introducing a number of my best electronic music and chill electronic music tracks and videos in 2021 following the release of ‘Spring Dance’ in February, ‘Mechanical Heart’ in March, ‘Blue Lotus’ in May and ‘Marrakech’ and ‘Alhambra’ videos in June, and ‘Lovestruck’ single and video and ‘Galilee’ video in July, ‘Soulmate’ single and video in August, and ‘Alena’ single and video in September.



Just dropped my new banger dance music single and video ‘Alena’ on September 3rd, 2021.