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Shivan Bonanno


Acoustic, Alternative, Blues, Country, Electronica, Funk, Indie, Melodic, Pop, RnB, Rock, Singer/Songwriter


Los Angeles, CA, USA


My name is Shivan, and I’m from Davis, California.  I hope, like most, that my music speaks for itself – but to be sure, my heart lies in songwriting and the complete product that it can hold..though you will hear a whole spectrum of influences in the mish mash you can find here and on my website.

My musical journey starts like most choose-your-own adventures of its type: I was a teenager and I found solace in my CDs, so I picked up a guitar and a pen.   And the rest really is history.  I never stopped writing since that time, and I have played in many bands and collaborated with many other artists.  I learned the art of recording and processing audio through my work at a recording studio at UC Berkeley during my college years, and have since set up my own recording rig in my bedroom.  Most of what you hear is the result of long nights in my room, learning as I go, and re-tracking instruments and vocals until I’ve irked everyone within earshot.

Though I’ve been at it for about a decade now, I’ve only recently put in motion a lot of things I have thought through for a long, long time – it’s been a struggle to get this off the ground as I’ve been a full-time researcher in neuroscience for about 6 years but here we are..
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you like what you hear!

– Shivan


My musical trajectory has barely begun, though I have been working hard at my performance, songwriting, and recording skills for over a decade now.  I started playing piano as a child, where I quickly became interested in playing popular music instead of the classical scores I was encouraged to study. In high school, I picked up a guitar and penned my first songs, and throughout college at UC Berkeley, practiced (especially electric guitar) and wrote countless songs in high volume.  In the few years following graduation, I began to use my free time to hone my art much more methodically and began working on songs over much longer periods of time, with much more revision, and eventually came to appreciate the importance of careful and persistent work in the creation of a truly masterful product.  I am now taking big steps to get my material into the mainstream and to establish myself as a performer.

My influences run the gamut – I was surrounded by classical music, motown, and slow blues growing up, and fell irreversibly in love with music in high school largely thanks to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jack’s Mannequin, along with classic rock and alternative/indie music that was popular in the early 2000’s.  Since that time I have studied and enjoyed music spanning from funk to rock to jazz and back to the blues, with a recent love affair concerning Ed Sheeran and John Mayer.  I hope that my music will fit under the general umbrella and appeal of pop music, but that I will be able to bring many musical styles to my catalog.

Fact Sheet

– Solo artist living in Los Angeles, CA

– self-recorded, released music, performed regularly around LA

– singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist

– focus on acoustic guitar and singing, but often play piano, electric guitar, bass, and electronic instruments

– producer utilizing electronic sounds and pop music songwriting

– collaborative artist, working with several established names



1. The Meantime EP (available on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and more!) – navigate to my website to listen!

Lyric Sheet

I’m not sure what to say
just liked that dress you wore last Sunday
And I…couldn’t see
But seems you felt just like
Your father said you would one day

And we fall with the ashes
But they’re not to blame
And of all the matches
It was the one in the rain
And I’m ready to answer
But the call never came
Yeah we all turn to ashes
But they’re not the same, no

Not sure how to pray
You’ll change your mind, you said you’d
Always make way
For the winds on the brae
But I…couldn’t wish
Away the sound of the organ that
Carries you down in your bridal gown

But if we fall with the ashes
Then we’ll climb up the rain
And you’re pouring our mattress
From the window pane
And I can’t bear to answer
The call of the crane
Oh we all burn to ashes,
We all burn the same


Can’t Feel Your Toes
They say it used to shimmer
Like white lightning wrapped around her finger
And her eyes were so bright
They kept the world alight
And him, around her finger

They say he’d spend a fortune
To run to the mountains, and sit by the river
But she’s dancing in the flowers
In the valley below

I want to know
How many more
Made you feel this way in your toes
And as you weigh the world
On your kitchen scale
I hope you don’t forget the rose

And if I’m hurting would you play it off
Or would you care in any way
And if i hurt you would you save it all
Or would you let it go, another day

Pushing down the lidocaine
So you can face the light of day
Hiding in your hideaway
Following the sun

Swimming in a drop of rain
Sipping on forgotten pain
Wishing it was left to drain
And vanish in the sun

Renewing in the light of day
Arcing from the sun and rain
Floating in the cloud’s remains above

Sipping on the light of day
So you can put the night away
Simulating hideaways
Safe from the sun


Can’t Follow You Home
I turned only 18 last week
You were turning 30 before you had teeth
I was drowning inside my relief
That I could hide forever between the sheets

And there was nothing left for me to speak
As you implore the ceiling that you’ve run plum out of sheep
And darling I’m afraid that you might sweep
Our love under the bed as you scrub the footprints clean, and

I couldn’t know
Why your gardens never grow

But if you ask me to rack my brain, I’d
Say there’s nothing left
And if you say you can’t take me this way, I
Can’t follow you home, oh

You were drifting slowly through the peat
As I was drinking it distilled till I felt not so weak
And the barn doors never transcended their creaks
As the wind howled and they lamented every leak
But there was so much left for us to see
Between the water’s sunset, and its weary feet, and

I couldn’t know
Why your gardens never grow

But if you ask me to rack my brain, I’d
Say there’s nothing left
And if you say you can’t take me this way, I
Can’t follow you home, oh


Heart and Soul
Pantomimes, things you’d never call lies
It was an inside plan for eventual demise
And the gatekeeper sank when his heart fossilized
He found the treasure first, but his boat capsized
Found Saharan sands in her iPhone hands
Left the coffee-stained map for the next couple plans
Left her diamonds there, so she’d know she’d have friends
If she ever weathers the storm

Oh can you take it real slow
I want you crawling back for more
Oh can you take it real slow
I need you crawling back for more

Sun-drenched thighs and an apple-pie guise
She had the fog baptized to keep her thoughts organized
And the dust grew thick on her faded Levis
She left her fate to rest with a few fireflies
Found a wiretap on the songs in her mind
Cleared the static to hear her heart’s faint reply
And though it all comes back to whether it could belie
The true story of her life

Oh can you take it real slow
I want you crawling back for more
Oh can you take it real slow
I need to taste your heart and soul
Oh can you take it real slow
I want you crawling back for more
Oh can you take it real slow
I want to taste your heart and soul


Painting Pictures
You’re painting pictures for a sorry day
You see the sunlight but it looks all grey out there
But I’ll be with you if you say my name
I’m still inside of you baby

(so you say…)
You tried to steer but you’re dead stuck astray
They want to love you but they can’t foreplay, what they’ll
Think about it or what they’ll say, if you
Let them in you’re crazy, oh

Well you color my eyes when
I can’t see the light and
I can’t find my way to you
Oh, well I run and I hide when
I can’t be beside you
And you’re all that I want to do, oh
Well you cover my eyes
When I can’t handle sight, and
You’re all that I need from you
Oh, I swear that I’ve tried and
I can’t keep on trying
All the way from here to you

Shivan Bonanno


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