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Sammy SirCharge


Hip Hop, Rap, RnB, Singer/Songwriter


Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States


A mere five-years-old when Sammy SirCharge’s ears were introduced to hip hop via his uncle’s LL Cool J tapes. “Mama Said Knock You Out” made him a fan, but as he got older he realized he couldn’t just sit back without participating. His lyrics covers all the bases. Good and bad times as his life has been a whirlwind; financial misfortune early on, divorce and realizing the struggle was real. He has never been afraid to channel all of his experiences into his music. This year his eponymous debut dropped, and in the coming months he’ll release two more; I Charge for That and No Tax.
Coming up in Albuquerque, Sammy SirCharge didn’t favor one coast or the other when it was east versus west in the ‘90s. That is one can hear the influences of both coasts in his sound, a sound that he feels is unique in that way. It’s not only the locational ambiguity but also the storytelling that makes Sammy’s game strong. Because of his way with words, his music is great for all occassions.It is music that is on point with current life about a cascade of topics. With a firm grasp on how to get the audience to relate to his situation whether it’s to chill, get in tune with that special someone or lighting one up. One of the highlights from his discography include “In the Moment” inspired by a lapse of judgement in a relationship when cheating comes into play.
In the last year Sammy SirCharge has performed locally in New Mexico, as well as alongside Bone Thugs N Harmony and DJ Quik. In the coming months he’ll be on stage at Coast 2 Coast Live in Albuquerque. From there he will work on building a tour, releasing two mixtapes and developing merchandise. Once his career is on a steady path, Sammy will turn his attention towards lending his pen towards ghostwriting for others in the hip hop community.


Sammy SirCharge, Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has a fresh new sound that has been influenced by both the East, West Coast and some of the other hip hop and R&B Saturated States inbetween. Sammy SirCharge Has currently dropped his self titled album with features from Stevie Stone(St.Louis,Missouri) Scarub(Sacramento,CA) and Rigo Luna(Compton,CA). He also has an impressive library of unreleased work Still to be released.Here are a couple Quotes FromThe Write ReviewsHold it Down Ft. Rigo Luna”It only takes a minute to know this track could be on the radio from coast to coast”Oh Featuring Stevie Stone“Oh” “easily captures the crowd and gives the audience a final track that will stay with them. Sammy SirCharge and Stevie Stone lock in a Featured Track with this one”For Sammy SirCharge Growing up in Albuquerque there wasn’t a whole lot of people that supported Rap/Hip Hop back in the 90’s hip hop almost anywhere the music was frowned upon by a lot of people, but for Sammy SirCharge and friends they were all intrigued by the music. They all lived and struggled in similar lives in Albuquerque to what was being talked about in hip hop music. That’s when they took to starting freestyles at house parties. To Release and get their story out of their head and into the air. The parties got live as they were teens but as responsibilities came into their lives friends parted ways.To This day some of the friends of Sammy are still working in music……On Sammy’s Music you will find Top Notch story telling. Music that is on point with current life about all types of topics. He has a firm grasp of how to get the audience to relate to his situation/life. Variety of tracks that get your head bopping, tracks you could jam for that special Lady or the song for the not so special lady. Music to smoke one too or take a cruise. SirCharge has worked on music with A Strange Music Artist(Stevie Stone) which he says “was an awesome privilege”and is looking to future projects with other artists on the label. He has opened for DJ Quik and Bone thugs & Harmony and many more. SirCharge says he is here to stay and so is his music. Looking at the future this artist says he has more music, concerts, threads and he “Can’t Stop” 

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Raised in the Heart of Albuquerque New Mexico
New Mexico is part of the United States
Music influenced by the 90’s hip hop
Hip Hop and R&B
Music available worldwide
long time up incoming Artist
Available for Booking, touring and meet and greets



Sammy SirCharge Debut Album



Lyric Sheet

Now this is my time

and this is my chance

That’s when she whispers in my ear how I can get in her pants

I tried to tell her No

But then She just proceeded to dance

That’s when she grabbed me by the hand

And said you don’t


I’m your number one fan

Always up in the stands

Imma fuck if I can

So Imma get with you


Can I give you these


been callin me


So Imma gave her tha


rolled up in her


She was sucking on candy

Couldn’t wait to

get at me

That bitch was acting so


But I was worried she’d

catch me

That’s when I let it get

passed me

That we were fuckin so


That she was clapping her

ass cheeks

Then she walked in ta

catch me



Press Quotes

 Hold It Down ft. Darius Beatz and Rigo Luna (NuFlava)
“Another song to be heard in the club, Rigo Luna kills the hook. It only takes a minute to know this track could be on the radio from coast to coast.”

Press Releases

Sammy SirCharge adding his Golden Pen to Hip Hop and R&B, April 27, 2017
Sammy SirCharge adding his Golden Pen to Hip Hop and R&B, April 27, 2017
3/31/2017 Sammy Sircharge – THE WRITE REVIEWS



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SEPTEMBER 15, 2016



An album by Sammy Sircharge

Review presented by Warren Peace

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