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Like any genre, rock music covers a wide array of styles but those who miss the ways of Alice in Chains and Metallica will appreciate Ronin and their debut, Dichotomy. With this record Ronin plans on bringing hard rock back to the masses. In the grand scheme of things, that has always been the mission of the New York foursome that makes up Ronin. Tired of the pop-infused so-called rock that floods the airwaves, Ronin has made it their life goal to rock it back to the days when the genre charged ahead of the crowd with full throttle adrenaline.

Chris Feldmann (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals), Jack Mauro (Lead Guitar and Vocals), Andrew Vitale (Bass Guitar), and Justin Maas (Drums) each grew up with their own mixed and matched inspirations but at the core of each of their drive was Metallica’s sound, feel and song-structures, as well as Alice in Chains’ no-nonsense, down and dirty hard rock sound. Each of the men in Ronin has been playing for a number of years. With Feldmann singing since grade school, Mauro playing a multitude of instruments throughout his life, Vitale picking up the bass in recent years, and Maas banging it out on the drums since he was a teen. All of the time spent crafting their talents solo led them to one another and in 2018 they decided the time to bring rock back to its thrashing roots was now. Which then led to the release of Dichotomy.

Dichotomy is over a half hour of raw rock and roll that is one part adrenaline and two parts heart. Listeners can hear the passion Ronin puts forth in not only the composition of each track but the lyrics as well as Chris Feldmann lays it all out in the open on hard-hitting tracks such as “Greetings” and “Into the Narrow.” They noted, “What we do is a blend of many inspirations,” adding, “What sets us apart and goes against that notion is our variety of sounds in our tracks.” Which can be heard loud and clear throughout Dichotomy. While “Greetings” is hard rock, there are bluesy elements that allow for what some would label an undeniable groove. On the flip side there is “Into the Narrow,” a song that provides not only balance between hard and soft dynamics but also delivers an eerie tone. With Ronin, not everything is what it seems, and something is always lying beneath, waiting to be unleashed.

Released in December 2018, Ronin’s Dichotomy has already received love from 90.1 in New York. Which is where the band also has made a name for themselves playing locally in Long Island at places like The Rail. They have plans in the summer of 2019 to expand their live reach by booking shows throughout the east coast and beyond. In between gigs, Ronin is working on new music in Feldmann’s home studio with plans to release new music in the near future to keep rock alive and well.



Into the Narrow
Valhalla Awaiting
Coming Through
Valak the Defiler


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