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The man, The myth, The future legend…

Artist, Writer, Producer and overall stand up guy. A fan of music foremost. And stuck on preserving this thing we call hiphop. Hailing from The Greater New York area Rockwelz has been recording music since he was 17 in his home studio and proactively seeking a career in the industry since 2012. Member of The MxnxpxlyFamily music group and eventually branching out to and release his debut co produced solo mixtape in 2014 – The Last Boyscout. Followed by Swiff D inspired mixtape Parent Teacher Conference in 2016. Later dropping LLNEWJ EP in 2017 and first solo studio album release, Rock Stories by Aesop set for Jan 2019 release. He has collaborated with Prodigy, Fred The Godson, Popa Wu, DJ2Evil (ODB’s DJ), reggae band Royal Khaos, Top Albanian Jazz guitarist Faton Macula and ultimately joining forces with Long Islands own super lyricist, John Jigg$. Together starting the MXNXPXLY label and adding underground heatmaker M.O.U.F. to the equation. Rockwelz has spit some of the most prolific lyrics, coolest lines and hard hitting songs you possibly haven’t heard as yet. Stepping out of his comfort zone to blended hip hop with reggae, R&B, rock and jazz gaining fans here and abroad. Touring in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. Winning local showcases as well as national Coast2Coast showcase, raising his awareness and elevating his brand. He has been featured on radio shows, local television shows, magazines and blogs. Gaining fans near and abroad. As he would say, “the only place to go from here is UP” – Rockwelz



2014 – The Last Boyscout
2016 – Parent Teacher Conference
2018 – LLNEWJ EP
2019 Rock Stories by Aesop


Press Quotes

The multifaceted artist is renowned for his prolific lyricism and heart wrenching deliverance stemming from an abundance of societal issues. “Lil Man Got Heart” is no exception to his carved niche. Joining forces with Fred The Godson, fully loaded with his own gritty yet relatable storytelling, heightens the hair raising emotion of the record.

“Lil Man Got Heart” is a tale of a young boy raised in the streets who lacks the know how to enjoy his youth. The daily routine of grind and hustle to pay his mother’s bills scars his hands of calluses, while the street life often leaves him battered and bruised but never down for the count. “Lil Man Got Heart”, simply because Uptown keeps his core pumping.

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Rockwelz, a NYC native, artist, producer, and songwriter announces the forthcoming release of his new single “Lil Man Got Heart” featuring music icon Fred The Godson., January 1, 2019














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